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  • Degrassi: "Clare & Drew"

    Degrassi: "Clare & Drew"

    Clare & Drew get a surprise guest in the prop room.

  • Degrassi: "Drew's Realization"

    Degrassi: "Drew's Realization"

    Drew lets Clare go before things get too serious.

  • Degrassi: "Miles to the Rescue"

    Degrassi: "Miles to the Rescue"

    Maya is concerned about Zig, Miles goes to check it out.

  • New TeenNick Top 10! Coming Soon!

    New TeenNick Top 10! Coming Soon!

    See you next season on TeenNick Top 10!

  • The 90's Are All That!

    The 90's Are All That!

    We're bringing you back to your happy place, every night from midnight to 4 AM ET!

  • Mean Girls on TeenNick!

    Mean Girls on TeenNick!

    Mean Girls premieres on TeenNick Friday April 25th at 9PM ET!

  • April HALO Honoree!

    April HALO Honoree!

    Learn how Teagan Stedman helps and leads others with his organization "Shred Kids' Cancer".

  • Degrassi 101

    Degrassi 101

    Get caught up on this season of Degrassi with a compete drama breakdown! Then tune-in every Tuesday at 9PM ET for new episodes.

  • Weeknights on TeenNick!

    Weeknights on TeenNick!

    Tune-in weeknights for Sam and Cat, The Thundermans, and Haunted Hathaways! Starting Monday at 9:30PM ET.

  • Best Spring Break Ever!

    Best Spring Break Ever!

    Best Spring Break Ever starts with iCarly: iShock America on Saturday March 22nd at 3PM ET!

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