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  • TeenNick Top 10 Friday!

    TeenNick Top 10 Friday!

    Catch an all new TeenNick Top 10 Friday at 10PM ET!

  • Degrassi: "The Trial Begins"

    Degrassi: "The Trial Begins"

    The trial begins and tension runs high for Degrassi High.

  • Degrassi: "Zig is in Trouble"

    Degrassi: "Zig is in Trouble"

    Zig's old gang threatens him.

  • Degrassi: "Becky's Trial Preparation"

    Degrassi: "Becky's Trial Preparation"

    Becky nervously prepares for the trail with her brothers attorney.

  • July HALO Honoree!

    July HALO Honoree!

    Learn how Zachary Certner helps and leads others with the non-profit organization SNAP, Inc. (Special Needs Athletic and Awareness Programs)

  • 90's Summer Mixtape Monday

    90's Summer Mixtape Monday

    The 90's Summer Mixtape Monday begins Monday at Midnight ET!

  • Degrassi Downtime with Eric Osborne

    Degrassi Downtime with Eric Osborne

    Watch's exclusive interview with Luke Bilyk where he answers questions from Degrassi fans!

  • This Summer on Degrassi

    This Summer on Degrassi

    Degrassi Drama continues next Tuesday at 9PM ET!

  • Weeknights on TeenNick!

    Weeknights on TeenNick!

    Spend some quality couch time with TeenNick, every Monday-Friday at 8PM ET!

  • TeenNick's #BestSummerEver

    TeenNick's #BestSummerEver

    This summer is heating up on TeenNick with all new episodes of TeenNick Top 10 and Degrassi!

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