• Posted 11/14/2014

    Top 10 Reasons TeenNick Is Thankful

    With the help of TeenNick characters, we're celebrating a few things that make us thankful every day.

  • Posted 06/15/2010

    Degrassi Gear at Hot Topic!

    Your T-shirt drawer is probably so crammed with crap T-shirts you never wear anymore. And there are new Degrassi shirts just waiting to be lovingly folded into your collection. It's unjust I say. UNJUST! Even better -- there are RETRO Degrassi shirts. I'm not lying... click the title.

  • Posted 06/16/2010

    Drake's old days on Degrassi - next week!

    Sittin' here, listening to Drake's first full-length album (out now!), remembering when he (or Jimmy, anyway) was a big ol' 8th grader on Degrassi, going out with Ashley, abusing Ritalin, fighting with Spinner over dance contests and mp3 players. And all of that's gonna be on next week -- the Degrassi Every Episode Ever marathon starts Monday at 6pm et and rolls right on through for four weeks. Wash all your softest jammy pants, yr gonna need 'em.

  • Posted 06/20/2010

    Random Cuteness: Jane and Spinner

    I just saw this pic of Jane and Spinner and it made me go "awww" right out loud. Love is the best.

  • Posted 06/20/2010

    Rando popcorn toppings

    You could always stick with salt and/or butter, but some people out there get crazy creative with their popcorn toppings. (Chocolate sugar cinnamon popcorn? Sign me UP.) Click the title to get some recipes or to share yours!

  • Posted 06/20/2010

    How to make your own bubble skirt

    One of the wardrobe stylists at the Degrassi carnival shoot gave me this super easy recipe for a bubble skirt -- you could make one out of any old thrifted prom dress! Inside, click the title.

  • Posted 06/20/2010

    Ever hit "send" and then freak out?

    Zoey 101: Spring Break-Up is supposed to be a fun little TV movie, but in my opinion, it's also a horrifying cautionary tale about the dangers of texting. Seriously.

  • Posted 06/20/2010

    Speaking of cute Degrassi couples: Jiberty

    I saw this adorable photo in the Degrassi archives recently, and I saw that Jiberty showed up a bunch in people's "favorite couples" lists... so here ya go.

  • Posted 06/20/2010

    Tell us your prom stories

    If anything embarrassing, tender, funny, awesome, horrific, or otherwise interesting ever happened to you at -- or because of -- prom, we want to read it in the comments. Because that is how we entertain ourselves.

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