• Posted 06/21/2010

    Nina Dobrev on Seventeen

    QueenVicci writes: "I just thought I'd let you know that our baby Mia is ALL GROWN UP NOW! I just saw her on the cover of Seventeen. I really wanted to cross out the 'From Vampire Diaries' and write 'From Degrassi'." I know, right, QV? WE SAW HER FIRST. But whatevs, if you love someone set them free.

  • Posted 06/21/2010

    Off like a Degrassi prom dress?

    Maybe it's the uniqueness of the night, the fact that everyone smells so darn good, or that little extra leeway on curfew people get... but why does prom night have this air of "let's make this night special, and by special, I mean SPECIAL"? Do you and/or your friends think there's any reason to go further on prom night than you would on any other night?

  • Posted 06/21/2010

    Uncle Jesse's last name change.

    Did you know Uncle Jesse's last name changes between season 1 and season 2 of Full House? I didn't until I read a message board thread... apparently John Stamos wanted it to be more Greek so they changed it from Cochran to Katsopolis. If you could change your last name to anything, anything at all... what would it be? (Points deducted for just using your crush's last name, sorry.)

  • Posted 06/21/2010

    Degrassi at the KCAs!

    I am in the mood for sharing. Can we share? Ok. I'll go first. I just heard that Sam Earle (K.C.) and Melinda Shankar (Alli) will both be going to the KCAs on Saturday night! Ok now you share: Make up a KCA you would give to Sam and Melinda! 'Cause they sure as poop deserve 'em even if they weren't nominated harrumph.

  • Posted 06/21/2010

    Want to nominate someone for a HALO?

    Did you think the HALO Awards were done and over? Heck naw, that was just the beginning! 2009 HALO Award Winner Darrius' has set off in South Carolina, where he's runnin' it in college and spreading hope and encouragement at a local middle school. And while I got you here... do you know anyone with a heart as big as Darrius'? Don't be shy, nominate them for a HALO Award!

  • Posted 06/21/2010

    Degrassi: Tag your friends on facebook!

    Who's the Emma in your group of friends, and who's the Manny? Who's the Declan and who's the Holly J? We made some Degrassi photo grids for you to tag your friends on facebook, or wheresoever you prefer tagging your friends.

  • Posted 06/21/2010

    Degrassi's Melinda Shankar and Sam Earle at the KCAs!

    Before the Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday, I was on the orange carpet, posting live updates for I got to meet Melinda Shankar (Alli) and Sam Earle (K.C.) from Degrassi! It was the first time any of us had been at the KCAs, so we were all excited to be there -- and they were both super nice in person.

  • Posted 06/21/2010

    5 Questions for Samantha Munro, aka Anya!

    Most embarrassing moment on-set? "We were filming a scene where I was walking through a door, and, to put it simply, the door didn't open and I walked smack into the glass. I whacked my face right into it. Classic."

  • Posted 06/21/2010

    Degrassi Breakdown: Broken Promises

    MASSIVE, DEGRASSI-RUINING SPOILERS INSIDE. Don't read this post 'til you've seen the new hour-long episode. Those who watched: how do you think Sav should have handled the Farrah debacle? Was that the best __________ scene you've ever seen on Degrassi? Do you think _____ was right to ________?

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