• Posted 06/21/2010

    K.C. and Declan - Are they Aislinn Paul (Clare)'s type, too?

    With Clare on Degrassi nursing a li'l crush on Declan, it seems safe to say that she's maybe into the smart-yet-bad boy type. Does Aislinn (who plays her) have that in common with her?

  • Posted 06/21/2010

    Guys' prom shoes are kinda gross.

    You know those weird tux rental shoes that are like pointy and have almost no sole? Also the generalized idea of shoe rental is seems more appropriate for the bowling alley than a formal dance, right? Anyway, there are options! I saw some patent leather Chucks that would work...

  • Posted 06/21/2010

    Degrassi season finale... this Friday!

    Can it really be the end already? Finale sounds so... final. No fair. And yet, we've had such a lovely season. And we've got the movie coming this summer. And... I have a feeling you're not exactly going to be bummed out on Degrassi after you watch the finale this Friday. (9pm et! Don't be late, son!)

  • Posted 06/21/2010

    Degrassi Wardrobe Tip: Declan's hoodie

    A while back, great1zero wrote in and asked who designed this hoodie of Declan's.
    Nice hoodie, Declan!
    Want to know the answer?

  • Posted 06/21/2010

    Could you make out with someone you just met? Stephanie could.

    So... could you? Leave a comment on whether you would or wouldn't... and under what circumstances.

  • Posted 06/21/2010

    Girl Crush: Degrassi's Charlotte Arnold (Holly J)

    I met Charlotte Arnold recently, at a thing, which I can't tell you about, but did I mention that you really probably definitely want to watch the Degrassi season finale tomorrow night at 9pm et? Anyway, I have compiled a list of ten interesting Charlotte Arnold facts -- slash, reasons why I now have a total girl crush on her.

  • Posted 06/21/2010

    Degrassi Breakdown: "Keep on Loving You"

    Yo. This might have been hormonal but... I cried. SPOILERS INSIDE if you haven't watched the Degrassi season finale yet but everyone else... let's bond.

  • Posted 06/21/2010

    Clare: Mature or Immature?

    I was just thinking... Clare's innocence can make her seem younger than some of her friends, but her wisdom makes her seem older. Would you say she's more or less mature than the other students at Degrassi?

  • Posted 06/21/2010

    Degrassi's first episodes on tonight!

    The Every Episode Ever marathon kicks off tonight at 6pm et! Everyone's voices were so squeaky back then... and Manny was so little... and the cell phones were gigantic.

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