8 Reasons Winter Doesn't Totally Stink

Posted on Jan 28, 2016 by TeenNickBlogger


1. It's beautiful outside. There's nothing quite like watching the snow fall from your window, especially when it creates a white blanket over everything.

2. Cozy fashion. Hats, knits, scarves and sweaters can make even the most biting cold a little more fun! Layer up, pals!

3. TeenNick Top 10 returns! On Feb 12th, TeenNick Top 10 will return with all new episodes. Plus, we're celebrating the 100th episode EVER, so you know it's gonna be a celebration!

4. Warm drinks. Even if you're not a coffee drinker, there are so many drinks to keep you cozy in the mid winter months. Try some chai tea, hot cocoa or apple cider!

5. Snow days! I mean, need we say more?

6. All of the books. For the days the weather is just a little too frightful, grab a good novel and escape to a totally different world!

7. Valentine's Day. This heart-filled holiday is about sooo much more than just the lovey dovey stuff. It's about celebrating everyone and everything you love, including friends and (duh) LOTS of chocolate!

8. Winter doesn't last forever. We get it. Finding the good in winter can be a little tough sometimes. Good thing seasons are, well.... seasonal! The days are slowly getting longer, the sun is starting to creep out and warmer days will soon be ahead.

In the meantime, show your love for the cold season in the comments below!