'90s Are All That: Our Favorite Clips From 'Rocko's Modern Life!'

Posted on Jan 30, 2014 by Rachel1016
Rocko's Modern Life

In the fictional city of O-Town, an Australian wallaby by the name of Rocko spent his days weaving in and out of rollicking conundrums. With a little help from his hypochondriac pal, Filburt, and the lovable orphan, Heffer Steer-Wolf, it made for one of the greatest cartoons of the '90s. It was weird, it was wacky, it was even a little risqué. Check out some of the most memorable clips below!

So THAT'S how a cartoon is made! Ralph Bighead has to make a new pilot for the network, but he wants to get out of his contract and make shows he actually cares about. He calls on Rocko Heff, and Filburt to help him make a pilot that is sure to totally bomb. And when Rocko and boys decide that that deli meats are the stuff of animated genius, Ralph Bighead is excited to share the utter disaster that will end his contract. Only thing is, Sammy Salami, Betty Baloney, and Mr. Cheese turn out to be more successful than he thought.

When Heff invites Rocko over for dinner, Rocko discovers that Heff was adopted by his parents who are, incidentally, not wolves. Rocko let's it slip during dinner that he wasn't aware of Heff's situation and, as obvious as it was to everyone else, it comes as a complete shock to Heffer. He proceeds to have a cow (*ba dum tsh*), runs away, and becomes hell bent on finding his birth parents. Before long, however, he realizes that his adopted family are the ones who really care about him.

The devil's not happy. He has not been delivered a mortal in over 600 years, and he calls on his minion to bring them to tarnation! The little Beelzebub takes over a game show, and rigs it so that the winner "wins" a trip to the underworld. Muahahaha. Heff, whos's been dying to get on a game show, gets the opportunity to compete on Triple 6 (the title of the show). Uh oh, let's hope the odds are (or aren't?) in his favor?!

Rocko's unrequited love, Melba, has a new boyfriend, so it's time for Rock to try his hand at dating. He appears as a contestant on the Love Seat Show and, after going all googly cartoon eyes (literally) over two beautiful eligible bachelorettes, he's a little, well, deflated when they reveal his match.

Words can't quite explain what is going on here. Black cats? Nipples of the future? We might be hallucinating.

All Rocko wanted was a sensible TV, but he somehow ends up with the Wibachi Big Screen. And, well, let's just say that this TV offers some unusually special features.

It's April Fool's Day for Rocko and the gang! After playing a few pranks on the townspeople, Rocko finds himself in a bit of a pickle and needs to secure some help to pick up his grandmother from the airport. Heff ends up having to pick up the slack, and after a miserable day of entertaining and transporting Granny Rocko, Heff starts to believe that Granny Rocko is just in fact Rocko, in costume, pulling another April Fool's Day prank on him. Heff isn't about to be out-pranked, so he decides to rocket "Granny" Rocko out to space. But right as he lights the fuse, he realizes he's got it all wrong.

Who knew Filburt was such a crooner?! Well… apparently nobody, because Filb's a bit of stage-fright. After calling upon the help of Rocko and Buddy Gecko's motivational tapes, Filburt begins to make his secret dream of becoming a lounge singer a reality! And ooh, just listen to that smooth, buttery tone.

After learning about the horrible treatment of dogs in the pound, Rocko decides to run for the Office of Dog Catcher to make a positive change. Stubborn Mr. Bighead, however, doesn't like Rocko's free thinking and decides to run against him. He launches a dirty smear campaign against Rocko filled with slandering campaign videos, lies, and one unforgiving slogan: "Ed: Good. Rocko: Bad!"

Rocko and the citizens of O-Town are out to fight City Hall when they realize the town's industrial eye soar is polluting their city. With their hearts, minds, and vocal chops in the right place, the only way to fight corporate America is to break out in song.

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