'90s Are All That: Our Favorite Clips From 'Rugrats!'

Posted on Feb 07, 2014 by Rachel1016
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Never underestimate what lies inside a child's mind! Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica and the gang might may have barely had their baby teeth, but they taught us that the simplest of things can become the greatest of journeys. Check out some of our favorite Rugrats memories below, then share yours in the comments!

Aw man, Grandpa Boris and the babies are trapped in the attic on Passover. To pass the time, Boris tells the story of the story of Moses, in which Angelica fittingly imagines herself as the Pharaoh who oppressed the Hebrews. Pharaoh Angelica sits pretty on her throne, but it's not too long after she's showered with cupcakes and Rockstar Cynthia dolls that Moses demands, "LET MY BABIES GO!" And that's why Passover is so important.

Chuckie finds an old photo of his mom, who passed away sometime ago. Despite his pop's hesitation to share memories with Chuckie, he opens up about the mom his son never got to know. He shares a moving poem that Chuckie's mom wrote for little Chuckie, and we share a good cry with our computer screen.

How 'Reptar On Ice' never became a real, beloved, skating spectacular, we will never know. I mean, is there anything more touching than the love between a woman and a dinosaur?

There's no business like show business! Phil and Lil are off to become big baby diaper stars, but it appears the twins are having trouble really sharpening their craft. That, or they're just babies.

Tommy decides to illustrate his life in a home movie, and even though some some might consider a magnificently squiggly mess, it's really bonafide artistic masterpiece.

Holy horse feathers, the play ground is turning into the Wild Wild West! Tommy and Chuckie are the new cowboys in town, and Junk Food Kid is a total scalawag (who actually makes Angelica look like a saint). When Tommy decides that someone needs to teach this Junk Food Kid a lesson, he stands up for kid-kind, saves the school playground, and restores all that shines!

When Rugrats see a giant pool of water, they don't think pool, they think giant toilet. And since nothing is more fun than flushing toilets, the baby sinkers mount the diving board (which they mistake for the handle flusher) and launch all the parents into MAJOR panic mode.

It was only a matter of time before Stu's crazy inventions got him in trouble... When he falls and hits his head, mild amnesia leads Stu to believe he's a baby! And Tommy and the gang realize that Stu has "growed down" into the biggest baby "they ever sawed."

Everyone knows that Angelica is a big bully and a liar, but after believing her own fib about the sky falling, the group prepares for the End of the World. And we don't know about you, but if regular Angelica sounds bad, post-apocalyptic Angelica sounds pretttty miserable.

Meet Susie Carmichael! She just moved in next door, and she's really excited to show Tommy her new room. Only problem is, she can't quite find it in the house…

What are some of your favorite memories from Rugrats? Share them with us in the comments!