Mixtape Monday: Have You Dedicated Your Favorite '90s Show Yet?!

Posted on Nov 22, 2013 by Rachel1016

Calling all '90s Nick fans! Have you dedicated your favorite #90sNickParty episode yet?!

Two weeks ago, we announced that the '90s Are All That is bringing back the magic of mixtapes with a Mixtape Monday, and we're kicking off the holiday season this Monday, November 25th, with '90s Nick episodes featuring the dopest '90s parties! We're giving YOU the chance to dedicate your favorite '90s Nick party episodes to that special someone all VJ-style. And you better make it good, because your shout-outs could appear on air!

It's easy – just check out the featured episodes here. Tweet us a Vine or InstaVid of you showing your love for or dedicating a particular '90s fave, include #Nick90sParty, and watch for it on-air!

Check out some of the stellar Vines we've gotten so far:

Doug: "Doug Throws A Party"

Clarissa Explains It All: "Alter Ego"