'90s Are All That Presents: Mixtape Monday!

Posted on Nov 08, 2013 by Dixie Laite

Remember mixtapes? Those desperate little vessels of hope you'd give to those special someones, hoping your song compilation would make it clear just how much you loved them, and more to the point, how much they should love you? Perhaps you'd throw in a couple of songs you really didn't like all that much so you'd look cool. Or maybe you were on the receiving end of a mixtape, trying desperately to parse the meaning behind every song title, lyric and extended mandolin solo. (What did he mean by "you"? Does the Proclaimers' 'I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)' mean he'll literally walk 500 miles for me or am I reading too much into it?")

Well, the 90s Are All That is bringing all that magical mixedness back this November 25th with a Mixtape Monday!

Every good mixtape has a theme, and so we're kicking off the holiday season '90s Nick episodes featuring parties! And of course, the raison d'etre (look it up) of a mixtape is that it's dedicated to someone or something, so we're giving you the chance to dedicate '90s Nick episodes on-air. That's right, finally, here's your chance to fulfill that dream of being a VJ on TV!

It's easy – just check out the featured episodes below. Tweet us a Vine or InstaVid of you showing your love for or dedicating a particular '90s fave, include #Nick90sParty, and watch for it on-air!

So what're you waiting for, a Spice Girls reunion? Check out the videos now and get to VJing!

Hey Arnold: "Cool Party"

Rugrats: "A Very McNulty Birthday"

CatDog: "Party Animal"

Doug: "Doug Throws A Party"

Kenan and Kel: "Duh Bomb"

Clarissa Explains It All: "Alter Ego"