Life Is Good Again!

Posted on Oct 06, 2011 by Ryanmcl

Ladies and Gentleman, I have urgent, breaking news and I need all of you, to stop what you're doing and read on.

I know the past few weeks have been tough for us, staying up late watching The '90s Are All That all week, but fear not! TeenNick's got our backs.

The '90s Are All That have decided to start at 10pm ET now, so we can all catch up on that sleep we've been missing. Not ONLY that but it will now be on EVERY NIGHT, seven days a week!

PLUS, our pals at the Bar None Ranch from Hey Dude will now be joining us during the week as well.

Oh, and you can still vote for your Friday Night Lineup at the

We're spoiled, I know. But, your voices are being heard, so keep it up.

And if you have any questions, suggestions or just demands, don't hesitate to ask Stick at #pobox963, and maybe he'll answer your question on-air!