90s MeMeorial Week Challenge!

Posted on May 10, 2013 by TeenNick
Meme-orial Week is Coming to TeenNick…
And that means, '90s Nick Memes-online, on-air, and in your face! It's going to be insane in the meme-brane!

Think you got what it takes to make a meme? Check out our examples and try to out-funny us. Keep it clean and we might make your caption into a meme to show on TV. Just comment on the memes below or on Facebook, and then tune in to TeenNick beginning 5/20 @ midnight to see if your meme made the cut.

And don't worry, if your meme goes viral (ahem #90sMEMEorial), you'll get credit for your creative genius! Your first name and last initial or username may appear on-air if your meme is broadcast.

"Why didn't you reply to my text?...I sent it 15 seconds ago."
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Condescending Kenan
Oh, you grew up in the 90s...Please tell me
how much better TV was back then.
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Sleepy Baby
"You're naming him 'Dil'?...I'm Done."
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Hey, Arnold
"Hey, Arnold. Love hurts, and I just hurt you so much!"
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Grumpy CatDog
"Oh, you have a Hangnail...I'm attached"
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