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  • Top 10 Degrassi Forgotten Characters

    Posted on 07/13/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    Degrasssi is just like any other school. Students come and go all the time. A jock transfers in, a rich kid moves back to the Upper East Side, people move on. But sometimes, students go ghost. Every Degrassian has wondered about a beloved Degrassi character who stormed the hallways one day, only to disappear overnight. Where did they did they go? Let's talk about this.

    1) Dave Turner

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    He was Degrassi's class clown. He pined after Alli for years. He hosted a radio show with his bestie, Adam. And then, somewhere along the way, Dave disappeared. He was last seen at Adam's funeral in season 13; his only appearance that season.

    2) Wesley Betenkamp

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    Most of Wes' time at Degrassi was filled with your typical high school awkwardness: talking to girls, lying about getting your driver's license, talking to girls... But after a while, Connor's ride-or-die just kind of flew by.

    3) Kendra Mason

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    Who could forget Spinner's little sister and star athlete, Kendra?! She played hockey, soccer, and gymnastics and even dated Toby for a bit. According to Toby, they split the summer after season 3, but we never got her side of the story...

    4) Derek Haig

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    Alongside his right-hand-man Danny, Derek wreaked havoc around Degrassi (all in good fun!). He even co-hosted his own Degrassi mini, Dating 4 Dudes. Hilarity to the max! Last seen: in the caf, chanting "I Hate Holly J." Can ya blame him?

    5) Chris Sharpe

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    Chris came into Emma's life when she needed a break from Sean drama. He had style, great taste in music, and attitude. They didn't last forever, but Chemma was cute for the season.

    6) Ms. Kwan

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    The best, most iconic English teacher in all of Degrassi history! (Yeah, we said it.) Too bad she didn't stick around. Remember when Spinner and Jimmy egged her car and she started crying? Teachers are people, too, you guys!

    7) Ms. Sauv�

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    When you go to a school like Degrassi, you need a great guidance counselor to support you when you're down. Ms. Sauv� was THAT chick. We haven't seen her since she helped Holly J with college decisions in season 10. Where or where might Ms. Sauv� be? Come back, come back, to dear old Degrassi!

    8) Leia Chang

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    She and Danny had a fling for a bit, but they lost their spark and things fell apart. After her random lying streak (Remember that?!), she just kind of danced off into the distance.

    9) Keisha

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    She, Zoe and Frankie were a clique in season 13. They even put together a cute dance routine at the Degrassi Sing Off to Olivia Newton John's 'Physical.' ("Let's get physical, physical!") After that, she appeared briefly during Zoe's trial and the rest is history.

    10) Terri MacGregor

    Degrassi: Top 10 School Event Moments

    After Terri woke up from a coma, she decided not to return to Degrassi. The worst part? We didn't even get to say "goodbye!"

    The Degrassi two-week finale event starts July 20th! And don't miss It Goes There: Degrassi's Most Talked About Moments on July 31st, where we're counting down the most iconic Degrassi moments ... with all your favorite cast members from all fourteen seasons!!

  • Meet the Boys of 4Count: Ben Robinson

    Posted on 07/06/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    Oh, hey. This is Ben. He's in 4Count, and he's probably your newest crush.

    4Count: Ben

    Originally from Florida, Ben has been singing and dancing for most of his life. Of course, to be in a guy group like 4Count you have to have a set of pipes, but if you haven't already heard some of our favorite 4Count songs, let us enlighten you: This kid can really sing.

    In addition to being fantastically talented, Ben is totally the "Boy Next Door." He's a natural-born leader and the kind of guy who has his priorities straight. And when the boys are slacking off, he steps in as the group motivator. Ben's the guy who makes sure the band is ready and focused to nail every performance. Respect.

    A few fast facts? Here you go!

    Twitter: @Ben4Count

    Go-To Serenade Song: "All of Me" by John Legend

    Worst Pick-Up Line Fail:: "It was a dark setting. I spotted her from across the room, so I went up to her, trying to be smooth... I said, 'You know, it's so dark in here, but you light up in the place." But the way I said it, I was not convinced halfway through. So it was more like, "You know, it's so dark in here... um, but you, uh... bye.'"

    Look out for more 4Count goodness and make sure to catch Adam and the boys on Mission: 4Count, premiering July 6th at 9pm!

  • Get Your Independence On With These July 4th Nail Art Designs

    Posted on 07/02/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    O say can you see how super-cool these patriotic nail art designs are?

    July 4th Nail Art

    Credit: Chalkboard Nails

    We're totally digging how this basket weave design puts a whole new spin on traditional stars and stripes. It's playful, intricate and totally shakes up the red, white and blue patterns we're used to. Go ahead, surprise people this year! These nails will make you the star of any July 4th party.

    July 4th Nail Art

    Credit: Wondrously Polished

    Who wouldn't love American flag nails with a fun and energetic twist? Loving the glossy swirl at the edges that give this design a candy-colored finish. Show your spirit by switching up between the classic stars and rose red stripes.

    July 4th Nail Art

    Credit: Pack A Punch Polish

    As if the name didn't already suggest it, this mani can really pack a punch! The checkered diamond pattern reimagines the good ol' American flag through abstract eyes. Plus, the silver background just pushes this mani to the metallic edge. If you can nail down this design, you will be turning heads and celebrating the 4th in style.

    July 4th Nail Art

    Credit: Dressed Up Nails

    Raise your hand if these nails make you want to open up one of those red white and blue firework popsicles! *Raises hand*

    Which July 4th nail art design is your fave? Let us know in the comments and have a happy Independence Day!


  • Meet the Boys of 4Count: Kieran Ackerman

    Posted on 07/01/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    It's time to meet the next member of 4Count, Kieran!

    Mission: 4Count

    Kieran was one of the first two members of the group, along his brother Adam. He was inspired by his older bro's passion for dancing and at around 13 years old started training in hip-hop, classical, lyrical and ballet. Two short years later, he took up singing and was officially poised to be 1/4 of the next big boy band. And in case you couldn't already tell by this picture... Kieran's nickname is "Teddy Bear." Yep, he's just that sweet.

    Are you smitten yet?

    Kieran may be the youngest of the group, but he's ready to make himself known. He's got a voice as big as his heart, and you better believe he's gonna use it.

    Here are a few quick facts:

    Twitter: @Kieran4Count1

    Go-To Serenade Song: "Ordinary People" by John Legend

    Worst Pick-Up Line Fail: "I had a pretty bad experience. This girl was a lion for this musical, so she came out and I held the door open for her and I said, 'Lions first.' She walked out the door and I never saw her again."


    Mission: 4Count is coming to you July 6th at 9pm!

  • Meet the Boys of 4Count: Aaron Scott

    Posted on 06/25/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    4Count: Adam

    Say "hello" to Aaron Scott! He's 1/4 of 4Count, a total heartthrob and the next guy we're getting to know before Mission: 4Count premieres on July 6th!

    Aaron was born in Texas, but grew up in California and has been performing and entertaining pretty much his whole life. His love for music, in fact, started in middle school when he picked up a pair of sticks became the drummer at his church. *Ba dum tsh*

    Soon enough, Aaron wanted to expand his horizons and try his hand at singing and dancing. Turns out, he was pretty good at both because when Aaron auditioned for 4Count, it only took one hour for Nick Cannon to call him with the good news. Now, along with Adam, Kieran and Ben, Aaron has three band members and three brothers. (Awwwwwwww.)

    A few quick bits about Aaron:

    Twitter: @Aaron4Count

    Go-To Serenade Song: "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon

    Worst Pick-Up Line Fail: ''Recently, I saw a girl hanging out by herself and I was like, 'Are you waiting on your friends or something?' And she was like, 'Nope. My husband.' [Flashes wedding ring.]"

    Did you know? Aaron was the mascot for his school's football team!

    Get excited for more Aaron and more 4Count starting July 6th at 9pm!

  • Meet the Boys of 4Count: Adam Ackerman

    Posted on 06/24/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    If you're excited for the TeenNick premiere of Mission: 4Count, then you're probably dying to know more about the four guys who make up the band.

    Well, your wish = our command because we're getting up close and personal with each of the heartthrobs that make up the super-cute quartet. Yep, we've got everything you need to know right here.

    First up... Adam Ackerman!

    4Count: Adam

    Now, let's get down to a couple fast facts:

    Twitter: @Adam4Count

    Go-To Serenade Song: "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" by the Temptations

    Favorite thing to do when not performing: Playing sports like basketball and baseball. And watching Spongebob!

    Look out for more 4Count goodness and make sure to catch Adam and the boys on Mission: 4Count, premiering July 6th at 9pm!

  • This Nick Star's Promoposal Is The Most Adorable Thing You'll See Today

    Posted on 06/23/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    Two Nick stars going to Prom together? This might be the cutest thing EVER.

    Dale Whibley surprised Max & Shred's Emilia McCarthy with a super sweet promposal that we can't stop watching on repeat. The Make It Pop star walked in the door with a bouquet of flowers, a delicious cake and one question ("PROM????") before Emilia... well, just watch the video for yourself!

    Precious. Adorbs. #PromGoals. 100.

    Check out photos below of their fun night together and don't forget to watch Make It Pop Saturdays in June at 4pm on TeenNick!



    Do you have any fun promposal memories to share? Let us know in the comments!


  • 11 Times the Dads of Rugrats Were All Too Real

    Posted on 06/19/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    11 Times the Dads of Rugrats Were All Too Real

    When Chas diagnosed the root of all insomnia: adulthood.

    11 Times the Dads of Rugrats Were All Too Real

    When Stu insulted Howard during charades, so Howard decided to do something more fun. Classic Howard.

    11 Times the Dads of Rugrats Were All Too Real

    When Stu summed up what parenting sometimes feels like.

    11 Times the Dads of Rugrats Were All Too Real

    When Chas laid the guilt on thick.

    11 Times the Dads of Rugrats Were All Too Real

    When Grandpa Lou taught us what it means to live in the present.

    11 Times the Dads of Rugrats Were All Too Real

    When Stuie started crying after being given grownup responsibilities

    11 Times the Dads of Rugrats Were All Too Real

    When Randy's boss rejected five scripts for the Dummi Bears in a row. Showbiz is rough.

    11 Times the Dads of Rugrats Were All Too Real

    When Chuckie saw that a world without him would leave his dad a lonely man.

    11 Times the Dads of Rugrats Were All Too Real

    When Drew was all schmoozy.

    11 Times the Dads of Rugrats Were All Too Real

    When Grandpa Boris educated the Rugrats on Passover. A lesson we'll never forget.

    11 Times the Dads of Rugrats Were All Too Real

    When Chas adopted Kimi, and Kira adopted Chuckie. (This still makes us emotional.)

    Here's to the wacky and wonderful dads of Rugrats!

  • 10 Things You Need to Know About 4Count

    Posted on 06/15/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    Mission: 4Count

    TeenNick music lovers, your new boy band obsession is here! Meet 4Count, the super talented (and super cute) pop quartet who will be the stars of our brand-new reality series, Mission: 4Count.

    Have you ever dreamed about making it in the music business? This show is a first-hand look at one band's journey to the big time. During the two-week series event, watch the boys make music, complete missions and get into some shenanigans along the way. Here are 10 things you need to know about 4Count before Mission: 4Count premieres on July 6th!

    1. The band consists of members (from left to right) Aaron Scott, Adam Ackerman, Ben Robinson and Kieran Ackerman.

    2. Drawing on inspiration from Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson and The Temptations, 4Count songs are fun, upbeat and will totally get stuck in your head.

    3. Their vocals are swoon-worthy, but their killer dance moves take each performance to the next level.

    4. Check out the video for their single "Epic" to see what we mean.

    5. Adam and Kieran, the two brothers in the group, have training in tap, ballet, lyrical and hip-hop dancing.

    6. Adam and Kieran became the first half of 4Count when they were discovered by Nick Cannon at a music video shoot.

    7. Aaron started playing music when he became a drummer at his church!

    8. Their single "California" is an ode to the state in which most of the boys grew up.

    9. Their music video for "California," however, was shot in Canada! Check out this behind-the-scenes vid:

    10. 4Count are more than just a band, they're family. And they're ready to be the next big thing.

  • Tatum Parker Brings Backpacks Filled with Fun to Kids with Cancer

    Posted on 06/15/2015 by TeenNickBlogger
    HALO Effect: Tatum Parker

    When HALO Effect honoree Tatum Parker was six years old, she was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma. Her year-long stay in the hospital included three major surgeries and thirteen courageous rounds of chemotherapy, which eventually wiped out the cancer. A year and a half later, however, it returned. Once again powering through intensive treatment, Tatum beat cancer for a second time and remains cancer-free today!

    During her time in the hospital, Tatum found comfort in a bag of toys she received from the from the Gabby Krause Foundation. The "Bag of Fun," which included games and activities, lifted her spirits during those long and difficult days in treatment. The gift had such a positive impact on her, she decided to pay forward.

    And that's how Tatum's Bags of Fun was born.

    Today, Tatum's Bags of Fun delivers toys and games to every pediatric cancer patient in Indiana. And while these bags help pass the time with fun activities, they are so much more than just toys -- they help build hope and foster strength to kids who need and deserve it most. At just 14, Tatum has built a charity that has not only served many kids across Indiana, but has succeeded in fundraising and spreading the message that a little fun and positivity can help make a painful journey just a bit lighter.

    Tatum embodies the core idea of Help and Leading Others: She turned a personal and life-changing experience into a thoughtful and truly impactful movement. Now, that's incredibly cool.