The First Time Buffy Met... Everyone

Posted on May 20, 2011 by Mary

You know... now that Buffy's coming to TeenNick (May 31st @10p et!), all of the Buffy fans who work here are getting to go back through the whole series and have massive fits of nostalgia/excitement/geekdom.

For instance we just put together this playlist of scenes from the first episode... all the moments when Buffy first met the people who will come to be so very, very important to her -- the "scoobs" (as in Scooby Gang), as they are (eventually) called.

Here's Buffy and Willow talking for the very first time... (awww!)

And you can click here for the full Buffy Firsts playlist -- with her first conversations with Xander, Giles, Cordelia, Angel (Haaaaay, Angel)... and her first TV vampire dusting to boot.

I have a feeling these clips will be more exciting to people who are already fans of the show; if your head isn't already filled with all of the insane, profound, hilarious, and intense stuff these characters are going to go through together, these moments might not pack the same thrill. In fact... they might even carry the taint of standard first episode awkwardness. Actually, I'll do another blog on "why first episodes are soooo stupid hard" soon.

So yeah, I'm curious what non-Buffy fans think of them; feel free to comment (as always)!