• HALO Effect Honoree Katie Stagliano: How One Girl's Fight Against Hunger Started with a Single Cabbage

    Posted on 05/06/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    HALO Effect: Katie Stagliano

    Hunger. Now that's a big problem. Huge, even. Millions of people around the world don't get the nutrition they need to lead healthy, happy lives -- it's a statistic both staggering and troubling, and one that 15-year-old Katie Stagliano refuses ignore.

    It all started with a single cabbage. When Katie was 9 years old, she planted a tiny cabbage seedling for a school project. When the cabbage grew to an amazing 40 pounds, she decided to take it to a local soup kitchen where it helped feed over 275 people. A few short years later, Katie is the founder of an youth volunteer organization called Katie's Krops, which feeds families and people in need across the nation.

    "My dream to grow an end to hunger started in my backyard. I never once imagined that there would be 80 Katie's Krops vegetable gardens growing across the United States, with the whole harvest benefiting people/families in need," Katie said. "Working together we, kids, have donated thousands and thousands of pounds of fresh produce to soup kitchens, food pantries, backpack programs, cancer patients and people in need."

    HALO Effect: Katie Stagliano

    According to Katie, the mission is simple: Grow a healthy solution to a global problem. Did you know that most emergency food programs offer primarily packaged and processed food? As Katie put it, "By providing the healthiest food to those in need we are supplying people with the vitamin and nutrients they need to fight disease and enable children to thrive."

    What's especially unique about Katie's organization is the way it inspires other young volunteers to get involved. Her community of has grown to 80 gardens across the United States, harvested by kids who share Katie's passion for this cause. And the volunteers themselves benefit from their service to others: As Katie explains, "They learn about nutrition, science, how to manage a budget, about agriculture, time management, compassion and so much more."

    If you want to get involved with Katie's Krops, head over to http://www.katieskrops.com/ to learn about winning a grant to start a Katie's Krops vegetable garden in your own community, scrumptious recipes and more!

  • 10 Ice Cream Flavors You Didn't Know Exist

    Posted on 05/01/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    'Tis the season, ice cream fiends! Summer is right around the corner and those scrumptiously sweet frozen snacks are calling your name. The next time you reach for plain ol' vanilla, though, try one of these wacky flavors on for size.


    Ice Cream Flavors

    Credit: Dashing Dish

    Why wouldn't you combine a favorite breakfast food with a favorite everything food?


    Ice Cream Flavors

    Credit: Gourmet Gamine

    Never thought you'd find a veggie in ice cream, DID YA?


    A photo posted by milkbarstore (@milkbarstore) on

    You know you love sipping on the cinnamon-soaked milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl. That's why it became an ice cream flavor.


    Ice Cream Flavors

    Credit: Frederick's Diaries

    Take a second... think about it... accept it.


    Ice Cream Flavors

    Credit: Salt & Straw

    Guacamole ice cream: An unlikely, but truly magical combination.


    Ice Cream Flavors

    Credit: Drizzle & Drip

    Gimme. Just gimme.


    Ice Cream Flavors

    Credit: Tiny Urban Kitchen

    Okay, olive oil. We see you. First you make your way into cakes, and now you're showing up in ice cream. Noted.


    Ice Cream Flavors

    Credit: LA Times



    Ice Cream Flavors

    Credit: The Etsy Blog

    Hm, wonder how this would taste atop a Caesar salad?


    Ice Cream Flavors

    Credit: Little Baby's Ice Cream


    Which of these ice cream flavors do you want to try? Which ones would you not touch with a ten-foot pole? Sound off in the comments!

  • Seven Times Tim Riggins Completely Stole Your Heart

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    Clear eyes, full hearts, Tim Riggins.

    Tim Riggins

    The day he introduced himself to the world was the day the world changed forever.

    Tim Riggins

    I can't stop thinking about you, [Insert Your Name Here].

    Tim Riggins

    Kind of impossible in our eyes, Tim!

    Tim Riggins

    Why, yes, we would brave a tornado just to experience this moment!

    Tim Riggins

    Tim Riggins

    Only you, Tim... only you...

    6) BO'S BEST BRO
    Tim Riggins

    Tim Riggins

    There are very few things on this earth more precious and Tim and Bo's relationship. Very few.

    Tim Riggins

    To catch more of the man of your dreams, watch Friday Night Lights every Fridays at 9pm ET!

  • Five Ways To Have The Perfect Anti-Prom

    Posted on 04/10/2015 by TeenNickBlogger


    It's that magical time of year again: the dress-shopping, corsage-buying, and picture-taking phenomenon that is prom. You just can't wait, RIGHT?


    For some people, the idea of the biggest dance in school isn't so magical. Whether that special date never came along, you hate dressing up, or you simply cringe at the thought of prom altogether, never fear! Instead of spending your energy dreading that "special" night, why not throw the BEST ANTI-PROM EVER?! We've come up with five fantastic ways to complete the task, so plan away.

    1. Get Outta Town: Don't spend your prom night at home with your cat. Instead, grab a few friends, get away from the prom fuss, and escape to that fancy, new restaurant a few towns over or the nearest beach for the weekend--bonfire & roasted marshmallows, anyone?

    2. Prom-Themed Movie Night: Rather than getting all dressed up and spending the night out, cozy up in your sweatpants, pop in the popcorn, and enjoy the hilarity that is prom from the comfort of your own home. You know there's nothing better than making fun of a hilariously terrible prom movie.

    3. Create Your Own Magical Evening: While your classmates are dancing to the soothing tones of Iggy Azalea and Lil Jon, create an atmosphere that is truly beautiful and memorable for you and your date. Enjoy a delicious meal on a table outside, decorate your porch with string lights, and put together your favorite playlist. Heck, light a candle or two. You definitely won't miss the noisy chaos of "real" prom.

    4. Never Grow Up: In lieu of completing the final teenage rite of passage, relive your childhood. Invite your friends over for a night of board games, junk food, and SpongeBob marathons. Break out the Play-Doh and Legos and rediscover the good old days when everything was magical.

    5. Throw Your Own Bad Prom with Your Friends: Go to your local thrift store and pick out your favorite tacky '80s prom outfit (something colorful with a hideous pattern). Encourage everyone else to dress as ridiculously as possible. Hang a sheet on your wall and set up a photo booth to commemorate a night of fun, friends, hideous outfits, and awful music.

    So what if prom's not your thing? Get out there and have a good time!


  • Why We Love 'Friday Night Lights'

    Posted on 04/07/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    Friday Night Lights

    Guess what? One of the best TV shows ever is coming to TeenNick. Like, the kind that will send you on emotional benders and make you feel like you're living life with the characters right by your side. And, OK, we know we're fans of hyperbole, but Friday Night Lights is actually, without a doubt, a show you're gonna fall in love with. Here are a few reasons why:

    The guys. Two words: Tim Riggins. About 30 seconds into the first episode, you realize that there are some pretttty cute faces on this show and it's totally normal to crush super hard on all the guys at one point or another. I mean, Saracen? A dream. You'll see. Just get ready for a few shirtless locker scenes...

    The girls. Just because the guys got it goin' on, doesn't mean they steal the spotlight. In fact, the girls on Friday Night Lights are some of the most interesting, strong, dynamic characters you'll ever see. As viewers, we share their problems, their struggles and their triumphs. We see ourselves in each of these girls, whether it be the rebel, the coach's daughter or the cheerleader. They're funny, they're real and they're total BFF material.

    The football. Come Friday night, there is no better feeling than rooting for the Panthers. Oh mannnn, does it get intense! But non-football fans and die-hards alike can agree, watching Panther football is a downright crazy roller coaster ride, and it's so dang fulfilling.

    But it's about more than football. So you're not really into football? That is totally OK! Even though this show centers around the game, it's actually not the end all, be all. The lives of these characters and their journey growing up are really the nucleus of the show, and football is sometimes a mere backdrop.

    Coach and Tami Taylor. We'd be hard-pressed to find another marriage on television that is as great as Tami and Coach Taylor's. Or two individuals as strong, wise and generally "can U be my mentor pls????" as they are. Like all characters on the show, they're not infallible, but that makes them real.

    The relationships. So you've got a cast of really attractive dudes and really cute girls... no one hooks up, right? Riiiiiight. FNL characters spin a few mighty webs of love, but get ready for relationships that will hit your RIGHT in the fuh-reaking feels. FNL relationshps are complicated, they're deep and they sometimes have serious consequences. Like, #Swoon #NeedATissue #Tearjerker #OhNoSheDidnt all rolled up into one.

    Landry Clarke. One of QB1's best friends, Landy Clarke, deserves his own bullet point. A slightly absurd musician, romantic, nerd, and footballer wanna-be, Landry is without a doubt the comedic relief of the entire show. But he's also extremely smart and intuitive. He's multi-dimensional, a breath of fresh air, and even if it takes a beat, impossible not to love. Plus, he goes through one serious dilemma in Season 2 that sheds a whole new light on his character. Brace yourself for that.

    The music. We're big music fans here at TeenNick, so take it from us that the Friday Night Lights soundtrack on point. And we predict it will take about two episodes before you start humming the theme song all the livelong day.

    Livin' large in Texas. Even if you're from the northern most tip of the U-S of A, Friday Night Lights will introduce you to Southern culture in a totally new way. There are monster trucks, cowboy boots and southern drawls aplenty, but this show depicts a piece of Americana that neither stereotypical nor unrealistic. You almost feel like you live in Dillon, Texas with all the characters, and become a part of the close-knit family it creates. Yeah, we're pretty sure you'll be shouting "Texas Forever" in no time.

    Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose. At the end of the day (or episode), you just want to root for these characters. On the field or off, their lives are your lives. Their dreams are your dreams. When they win, it's euphoria. When they lose, it's heartbreaking. But you never lose hope.

    Friday Night Lights kicks off on TeenNick Friday, April 10th. The first season airs every night from 9pm - 12am, then continues every Friday starting April 14th!

  • 'Things I Can't Explain': A New Clarissa Novel

    Posted on 04/02/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    Things I Can't Explain

    Credit: Entertainment Weekly

    Ever wonder what would happen if Clarissa couldn't explain it all? Well, it's time to find out!

    If you're a fan of the iconic '90s Nick show Clarissa Explains It All, grab your neon and practice your na-na-na-na-nas because Clarissa is coming back... Just not in the way you might think.

    In his upcoming novel Things I Can't Explain, show creator Mitchell Kriegman tells the continuing story of Clarissa Darling as a woman in her mid-twenties. Set in the present day, Clarissa deals with real adult-life dilemmas that are hard and, really, not that easy to explain at all. That's right, instead of walking us through daily life conundrums, we work through them with her.

    The novel comes out this November, but in the meantime, check out an exclusive first look interview with the author on Entertainment Weekly. Psst: There may be some info on the whereabouts of Ferg and Sam. :)

  • HALO Effect Honoree Abigail Saltmarsh: One Girl With a Big Dream to Save the Planet

    Posted on 04/02/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    HALO Effect: Abigail Saltmarsh

    Sometimes, an issue as big the environment can seem overwhelming. There are so many ways we contribute to the future of our planet and it takes a special kind of person to make that heavy and intimidating responsibility seem like something we can actually conquer.

    For thirteen year-old HALO Effect Honoree Abigail Saltmarsh, loving our planet starts with one big, lovable animal: the elephant. Elephants are incredibly important to the health of our environment because they create natural grasslands and dig water holes that benefit other animals, but they're becoming increasingly endangered.

    Did you know that every year thousands of elephants are killed for their tusks? That ivory poachers are wiping out an intelligent population of elephants for profit? When Abigail learned about the dangers facing this beloved species, she decided to take a stand. She teamed up with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to help build awareness about the ivory trade, and with the help of people around the world, the WCS has raised money to build sanctuaries that protect endangered elephants. Abigail has shared her message about the ivory trade with her school and community, truly taking a huge problem and bringing it home.

    "Elephants are very intelligent and emotional animals," Abigail told us. "They have many of the same thought processes and connections as humans, including excellent memories and strong family bonds." Humans and elephants are actually more similar than we might think, and it's this undeniable bond with those long-trunked friends that inspired Abigail to become an advocate.

    In her eyes, the reasoning is simple: "We all live on this earth and we all need to find a way to share it... Anybody can make a difference, you just need to start small and see where it takes you."

    Want to get involved with Abigail's cause? She has a few super easy ideas: Don't buy ivory, spread the word about the ivory trade, and participate in World Elephant Day on August 12th! "Everybody can make a difference and help--they just need to go out there and do something." Couldn't have said it better ourselves, Abigail.

    To learn more about Abigail and her work, check out the clip below!

  • 10 Reasons You Can't Miss the 2015 KCA

    Posted on 03/26/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    Just in case you haven't already cleared your schedule, set reminders in your phone and marked your calendar with bold orange font, here are 10 reasons you absolutely cannot miss the 2015 Kids' Choice Awards this Saturday, March 28th at 8pm!

    10. THE FASH-UN

    The KCA are known for bringing the brightest, boldest and sometimes wackiest outfits to Orange Carpet. We'll be highlighting the best fashion throughout the night, so make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

    9. THE STARS

    KCA 2015

    Who's showing up to the 2015 KCA bash? Emma Stone, Liam Hemsworth, Debbie Ryan, Zendaya, Meghan Trainor, Fifth Harmony, Echosmith, Shawn Mendes and so many more... That's who!


    It's easy to get caught up in the star power, but let's remember the goal at hand: scoring a big W. Your favorite stars will battle it out for a coveted orange blimp, and it's up to you to VOTE and make it happen!


    KCA 2015

    We're not sure who has the record for most KCA appearances, but Nick Cannon is probably pretty close. In true NCredible fashion (both literally and figuratively), Mr. TeenNick Chairman will be in the house to help get the party started!


    Missing Degrassi? Well, we've got you covered! Degrassi faves Luke Bilyk (Drew Torres) and Cristine Prosperi (Imogen Moreno) will hit the Orange Carpet on Saturday to show some Panther pride! (So excited to see what they wear, TBH.)

    5. THE LOLs

    KCA 2015

    Humor is every Nick fan's bread and butter, so you know the KCA will have its fair share of belly-aching, tear-inducing and muscle-spasming laughs. Plus, TeenNick Icon and all-around hilarity monster Josh Peck is making an appearance, so... case in point.


    KCA 2015

    Can you say, LIVESOS?! And Iggy Azalea?! And Jennifer Hudson?! And Nick Jonas?!?!

    3. THE HOST

    Speaking of... this year's show will be hosted by the "Jealous" singer himself and, although Nick is no stranger to the KCA, he's got a lot on his plate. Good thing he's totally up to the task.


    At the 2015 KCA, expect the unexpected. You never know what will go down, especially when it comes to...

    1. THE SLIME!!!!

    KCA 2015

    We all know there's nothing better than seeing your favorite stars get covered in green, gooey goodness. Let the countdown to slime time begin!

    See you this Saturday, March 28th!

  • Open Heart's Mena Massoud Has a Crush on One of Hollywood's Favorite Sweethearts

    Posted on 03/20/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    Mena Massoud

    via @menamassey Instagram

    Stars, they're just like us! They have crushes on celebs, too!

    Open Heart's Mena Massoud, who plays the (almost) (not really) (maybe one day) lovable volunteer coordinator Jared, sat down with TWIST Magazine to talk about his role on the show and, oh, so much more.

    He revealed exclusively that he has a crush on the one and only Jennifer Lawrence. When speaking about the Oscar-winning actress, he said, "[My celebrity crush is] Jennifer Lawrence for sure, probably. That's common one, but I love her work and I love the way she carries herself in the media. There's lots of beautiful girls who are celebrities."

    You speak the truth, Mena. We love J-Law just as much as you do.

    So, who's your celeb crush? We wanna know in the comments! And make sure to catch Mena and the rest of the cast of Open Heart on Tuesdays at 9pm!

  • Fresh Artist Shawn Mendes is Going to the Kids' Choice Awards!

    Posted on 03/19/2015 by TeenNickBlogger

    The Vamps: Rapid Fire

    Hold up, wait a minute. We have some major news. The sweetly-singing Shawn Mendes is going to his first ever Kids' Choice Awards!

    We fell in love with the Vine-superstar-turned-singer/songwriter when he was a TeenNickTop10 Fresh Artist, and now it's like, of COURSE, we knew he would go on to do big things.

    In addition to walking the Orange Carpet and taking in all of the amazing performances, Shawn will be presenting one of the highly coveted Nickelodeon Blimps to a superstar winner. Yep, excited does not even begin to explain how we're feeling right now.

    Make sure to catch Shawn and all of the other amazing stars at the 2015 Kids' Choice Awards on March 28th at 8pm on Nick!