Bucket and Skinner: Epic Cupids Is Tonight!

Posted on Apr 24, 2013 by Lisa

Why are Bucket and Skinner's heads plastic-wrapped together? It'll make sense (kinda) when you watch the new Bucket and Skinner, tonight at 9pm et (6pm pt).

Bucket and Skinner
I love this pic.

Bucket and Skinner
The more Bucket and Skinner I watch, the more I appreciate Aloe. I like anyone who's willing to burst into song in public.

Bucket and Skinner
What's with the epic use of hair product? Tune in tonight!

Bucket and Skinner
And one last reason to watch tonight -- you'll get to see Ashley Argota dressed as broccoli and Tiffany Espensen dressed as a can of soda.

Tune in at 9pm et / 6pm pt for a Bucket and Skinner packed with MUCH MORE epic silliness than you see in this blog post! (Also: Bucket wears a really cute T-shirt with a polar bear riding on a whale.)

BTW, you know you can watch full episodes of Bucket and Skinner online, right? Just go to that link and click "Full Episodes."