• Degrassi Recap: 'How Bizarre'

    Posted on 06/17/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Last night on Degrassi, there was a little bit of family drama. Drew got caught up in Hollingsworth baggage and Becky had to bear the cold shoulder from her own parents in the midst of her brother's trial. If you haven't seen "How Bizarre" yet, watch it here and then read our recap below!

    Degrassi: How Bizarre

    While working on Mr. Hollingsworth's's campaign, Drew walked in on Mrs. H. crying in the pool house. Upset over her strained relationship with her husband, she confided in Drew as he comforted her.

    Degrassi: How Bizarre

    It seemed he may have been a little too comforting, however, because later on Drew received a half-nude photo from the boss man's wife! And to make matters worse, he received it right when he was trying to prove to Alli and Jenna that he wasn't using Clare for a meaningless hookup.

    Degrassi: How Bizarre

    It turns out, Mrs. H. sent that photo in an embarrassing moment of weakness and apologized. She vented to Drew about her husband was sleeping with his campaign manager (of which Drew was previously unaware) and wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine. Despite being relieved that the Mrs. didn't have the hots for him, Drew felt obligated to let Mr. H. know about the picture.

    Degrassi: How Bizarre

    Unfortunately for Drew, who was now armed with knowledge of the affair, Mr. H. decided it would best to put out this fire... by firing Drew.

    Degrassi: How Bizarre

    Ever since Becky turned in Luke for Zoe's assault, things have gotten tense at home. Her parents and Luke have become distant, and although they never blamed her for reporting Luke, she felt their fingers pointing at her. To escape, Becky began playing a computer game called "Realm of Doom" in which she met a particularly dapper, but completely simulated, medieval knight.

    Degrassi: How Bizarre

    And with little more than a kiss and some alone time in the alternate universe, things got pretty serious between the two warriors. Hm... wonder where this could be going? Mysterious? Or Magical?


    Degrassi: How Bizarre

    After deciding to leave the gang, Zig started to show a new-found interest in cooking and got a job at a trendy new restaurant through his mediator Jose. But when the executive chef at the restaurant halted Zig's dreams of becoming a culinary artist by insisting he start with basics (which meant watching another cook chop onions), Zig felt like he was being treated as nothing more than a delinquent charity case.

    Degrassi: How Bizarre

    Back in the Rubber Room, Grace suggested that if he wanted respect, he'd have to demand it. But Zig's chef made it clear that respect had to be earned. And back to chopping onions he went.

    Zig made a big decision to leave the gang and start anew, but will he be able to keep his head up? Will Drew be able to get his job back? Will Becky fall farther into the "Realm of Doom"? Tell us what you thought of this episode in the comments, Degrassians!

  • TeenNick Top 10 Fresh Artist Interview: The Vamps

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    Fresh Artist: The Vamps

    If you're not from the U.K., there's a chance that your ears have yet to stumble upon the sweet sounds of British pop-rock quartet, The Vamps. These fresh-faced lads are not only perfectly well-coiffed crooners, they're also masters of catch-as-heck tunes that basically inspire impromptu dance parties.

    The Vamps are breaking out in a major way, and we are SUPER excited to have them join the distinguished roster of TeenNick Top 10's Fresh Artists! To get you up to speed on all of their awesomeness, check out our exclusive interview with the boys below. And don't forget to tune in to see more The Vamps on TeenNick Top 10, this Friday, at 10pm ET!

    1. You guys have a pretty cool story about coming together as a band. Exactly how did The Vamps come to be? Did you ever think you'd get to where you are today?
    We all met through YouTube. James was the first, he found Brad. They did some writing together and got on really well. Then they were shown videos of Tris drumming by a mutual friend and started putting covers on YouTube. The three of them got signed but they wanted to find someone else so they could be a full band. That's when I [Connor] joined!

    2. Who are some of your musical influences?
    The Kooks, Taylor Swift, Arctic Monkeys, and Green Day.

    3. When you're not on tour or in the studio, what do you do for fun as a band?
    We normally spend our days off outside exploring, depending on where we are. If it's cold and wet then we hit the gym and watch films. Brad is normally in the bath!

    4. If you could collaborate with any musician, past or present, who would it be and why?
    We all think Ed Sheeran would be great. His acoustic style could work really well with ours. Plus, he's such a nice dude.

    5. What is one little known fact about the band that might surprise your fans?
    We worked out the other day that our "home" venue is actually the O2 Arena in London, which holds 18,000 [people]. We've played it seven times in our first year, which is pretty crazy. Also, Connor used to be an astronaut.

    And now, the rapid fire round! We asked The Vamps a series of silly questions, and here are the first things that came to mind!

    The Vamps: Rapid Fire

    If you want to catch more of these guys, head over to the TeenNick Top 10 page! And don't forget to tune in this Friday at 10PM ET!

  • TeenNick Top 10: Vote For Your Favorite Videos + Cher Lloyd Visits This Friday!

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    TeenNick Top 10

    School's ending, the sun's out and it's FINALLY warm! Oh, and what's that you say? It's the perfect time to revamp your summer playlist? We think so, too! This Friday, we're getting into the summer spirit and bring you some sweet new jams on an all-new episode of TeenNick Top 10!


    Last week, we kicked the off summer right with a Black Music Month celebration. This week, the video countdown is back this week with fresh videos and artists, and that can only mean one thing: It's time to vote! If you want to make sure your top picks make it onto the countdown this week, vote right here for this Friday's episode! And don't forget to tune in at 10pm ET to see if your fave videos made the cut.

    This week's episode will not be one to miss because we're welcoming special guest, Cher Lloyd! This former X-Factor contestant has come a long way since her reality TV days thanks to her undeniable talent, and this Friday, you get to find out what she's up to! Plus, we'll be introducing our brand-new Fresh Artist, the unstoppable British heartthrobs, The Vamps!

    TeenNick Top 10

    While you're patiently waiting for Nick Cannon to reveal this week's countdown, check out TeenNick Top 10's Black Music Month playlist on Spotify in honor of this month's celebration. And as always, follow TeenNick Top 10's Spotify playlist to keep tabs on the best songs of the week.


    Who will get to sit on this week's countdown throne? It's up to you to decide! Vote for Friday's episode and leave your best predictions of the winner in the comments below!

  • Get Ready For An 'Unfabulous' Marathon With Our Favorite Songs From The Show!

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    Middle school can be a weird time, and no one knows that better than Addie Singer. With the help of three sidekicks (best friends Geena, Zack and her guitar, of course) Addie sang her way through all the tough, funny and unforgettable moments of being a teenager on Unfabulous.

    To celebrate the second weekend of TeenNick's #BestSummerEver, we're bringing back this classic Nick sitcom starring Emma Roberts for a marathon that's sure to be anything but unfabulous! Tune in this Saturday at 12pm ET to catch up with Addie and the gang, but first, take a look back at some our favorites songs from our favorite singer. Addie Singer, that is.


    Remember Jake Behari, Addie's saggy-haired crush? In this clip, Addie decides she wants to tell Jake how she feels by writing in his yearbook, so she puts her thoughts in song.


    Addie may have gotten her head dunked in a punch bowl, but she turned it into an anthem for... you know, people who get their heads dunked in a punch bowl!


    When Addie finds out Jake is at wedding with his old girlfriend, she decides she has to crash the party.


    Randy Klein's bar mitzvah is coming up, but Addie's new braces are making her feel insecure about her looks. Her acoustic lament of the metal mouth is just what the doctor ordered.


    When Jake tells Addie he loves her, she's not quite sure how she feels about it. Love is a really strong word, but she realizes it's okay to not have an answer right away.

    What are some of your favorite Unfabulous tunes?

  • Degrassi Recap: 'Enjoy the Silence'

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    Leave it to Degrassi to turn a school event into a big old batch of capital 'D' Drama! Last night, the students put on the Degrassi Panorama arts night, and between one illicit kiss, two gang interventions and a healthy dose of bitterness, there was MUCH to be oohed and aahhed. If you haven't seen "Enjoy the Silence" watch it here first and then read our recap below!

    Degrassi: Enjoy the Silence

    Maya helped Zig fake sick in order to avoid the guys from the gang. If memory serves us, the only way Maya got Zig to comply was with a nearly-hypnotizing kiss. And so it seems Maya took advantage of Zig's feelings once again, even if for a seemingly noble cause.

    But their plan didn't turn out to be quite so slick when Tiny found out where Zig was. Not only did he come to Maya's house to confront him, but he told Zig that the other gang members were losing their patience, and that he better keep in touch with them or else they'd threaten Maya's family.

    Degrassi: Enjoy the Silence

    Zig, worried about putting Maya's family in danger, decided that the only way to get out of the mess was to skip town. And when Maya realized that Zig had left for the bus depot, she felt like she was running out of options to help him. But then, out of nowhere, Miles (of all people!) said he might have a way to help.

    Degrassi: Enjoy the Silence

    Maya and Miles showed up at the bus depot with Mr. Hollingsworth. Turns out, Mr. H has connections to gang intervention programs, in which former gang members themselves help kids like Zig get out of dangerous situations. With the help of a professional mediator, both Zig and Tiny were given the opportunity to get out of trouble.

    Degrassi: Enjoy the Silence

    Miles found out that his little sister Frankie kissed a high school guy and was on a mission to teach him lesson. What Miles didn't know was that the make-out bandit was none other than his best friend, Winston. But when both Frankie and Winston came down with bronchitis, it was pretty clear who was swapping saliva.

    Degrassi: Enjoy the Silence

    When Miles was about to accuse someone else, he realized that it was Winston who locked lips with his younger sis. Surprisingly, Miles wasn't as furious as Winston (and we all) expected him to be. In fact, he thought it was "hilarious" because he assumed there was no way they'd actually ~date~. But did anyone else notice how Winston looked dejected as Miles humorously imagined all of the goofy ship names that would come out of their never-to-be relationship? Winston may want Frankston to become a reality, after all.

    Degrassi: Enjoy the Silence

    Clare was still livid with Drew for dumping her (before they technically even started dating), so she decided to use the arts night as a platform for revenge. Using a polygraph (also known as a lie detector), Clare exposed Drew for toying with her emotions... in front of an audience of people. The stunt turned into a full-on public altercation between the two, and Drew stormed out.

    When Alli asked Clare what was going on, she confessed to what happened between her and Drew at the Wild Wild West Night. Clare told Alli about how she felt rejected, and how Drew couldn't seem to own up to his hurtful behavior.

    Degrassi: Enjoy the Silence

    Yep, there was only one thing that could make Clare feel better. It was time to throw an axe to Drew's face. Literally.

    What do you think, Degrassians? Was this episode as much of a spectacle as Grace's silent dance party?

  • Five Reasons We Love Summer Fashion!

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    The sun is out, and 'tis the season to shed some layers! There are countless reasons the summer season rocks our socks off (literally because, you know, ~heat~), but summer fashion is probably one of the things we look forward to most. And here's why!


    Summer Fashion

    Bright hues and hot weather go together. It's a fact! Summer is a great time to experiment with bold colors and accent pieces, even if you have a thing for neutrals. Don't be afraid to get noticed! Crave neon? Shine Bright. Love turquoise? Us, too.


    Summer Fashion

    It's summer. It's hot. It's humid. The last thing you want to do is spend hours subjecting your luscious locks to added heat of hair dryers, curling irons and straighteners. Get yourself some sea salt texturizing spray, and fall in love with the breezy, beach wave hairstyle! Not only will it appear as if you just emerged from the saline sea, but the less perfect the 'do, the better it looks!


    Summer Fashion

    What you give up in layers, you make up for in accessories during the warm-weather months. Statement jewelry can transform an otherwise subdued outfit into a showstopper. And if subtle is, in fact, your modus operandi, cooler pieces with chunky shapes strike a perfect balance!


    Summer Fashion

    State the obvious: Sandals and flip-flops are a staple of any summer wardrobe. And since you're probably not going to be stomping on the sand in combat boots (unless you're into that sorta thing!), bearing your feet is inevitable. We love summer footwear because it invites us to show off a little color on our toes (and also encourages all-around good hygiene). Hot pink, fiery red, gentle lilac -- the colors abound! Plus, we all know pedicures last way longer than manicures so if you're going to treat yourself, why not make it count?!


    Summer Fashion

    During the summer, sometimes (read: almost always) practicality wins. You can never quite overestimate the strength of the sun, but you can always shield it in style. We love vintage-inspired sunglasses with round frames, and fedora hats might as well be called super chic shade-makers. Plus, when you're trying to tame those pesky baby hairs on windier days at the shore, colorful cloth hairbands are a BLESSING.

    Do you have a favorite summer item? Let us know what how you're shaking up your summer style in the comments!

  • TeenNick Top 10 Returns To Celebrate Black Music Month!

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    TeenNick Top 10

    TeenNick Top 10 is back and we're celebrating Black Music Month! Tonight at 10pm ET, tune in for a very special countdown current hits and oldies-but-goodies from icons like Beyonce, TLC and Usher! Trust us, you will not want to miss some of these classic videos.

    TeenNick Top 10

    TeenNick Top 10

    Not only is Chairman Nick Cannon is turning it up tonight with some legendary tunes, but he'll be joined by two celebrity guests. You ready for this? Hitmaker and heartbreaker, Jason Derulo will be in the house alongside star-in-the-making, Kreesha Turner!

    TeenNick Top 10

    TeenNick Top 10

    TeenNick Top 10

    After we reveal which iconic songs make tonight's Black Music Month countdown, we'll add all of them to our TeenNick Top 10 Spotify Playlist! In the meantime, jam out to ALL of the songs that have made it into TNT10 charts!

  • TeenNick Summer Weekends Kicks Off With House of Anubis!

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    House of Anubis

    Sibuna, are you ready for an epic weekend? As a part of TeenNick's #BestSummerEver, House of Anubis is returning to TeenNick this Saturday and Sunday at 12pm ET! And you better get comfy, because we're marathoning all your favorite episodes from Season 2!

    Catch up with Nina, Eddie, Patricia and the rest of the gang for an afternoon of mysteries, blackmail and adventure! In the meantime, test your knowledge of all things Anubis with our "Do You Speak Anubis?" quiz!

    House of Anubis

    House of Anubis

    House of Anubis

    House of Anubis

    House of Anubis

    House of Anubis

    The summer is just getting started, so stayed tuned for more of your favorite oldies like Unfabulous, Alien Surfgirls, Dance Academy, H2O and more!

  • Five Ways To Upgrade Your Graduation Cap And Gown

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    Finals are done, grades are in, and it's time to graduate! From all of us at TeenNick, conGRADulations to all of the happy diplomates out there! And although we know that closing this very important chapter in your life can be bittersweet, forget the pomp and circumstance for a moment, and consider these five ways to upgrade your graduation cap and gown!



    Multicolored, neon sneakers may not be a staple in everyone's wardrobe, but with an ensemble as uniform as a graduation cap and gown, fresh kicks can be just the polychromatic pop your outfit needs. Plus, this particular footwear is perfect for the ambitious grad who intends to do a cartwheel or a "Yippee!" high jump as he or she receives that coveted diploma.



    You don't have to live in California or Hawaii to infuse a little island spirit into your graduation outfit. As the tradition goes, leis are presented to someone who is arriving or leaving, so it totally makes to wear beautiful flower necklaces to symbolize embarking upon the next stage of your life!



    Whether your ceremony is outside on a field or in an air conditioned gym, pop on some bright, statement sunglasses (extra points for over-sized clown glasses) and your parents and teachers will know just how seriously you take this big milestone in your life.



    Nail art is one of the subtler ways to upgrade a graduation outfit. Whether you opt for a simple accent nail or an all-out grad-themed design, your manicured tentacles are sure to add a little personality to an otherwise homogeneous look.



    Mom, Dad and other important adults in your life did a lot to help you get where you are. Write a message of thanks on your cap so they can spot your gratitude in the crowd. Or celebrate your class by writing your graduation year in glitter, recall an inside joke with your best friend, or just decorate that thing however your baccalaureate heart desires!

    Are you graduating this year? Tell us, what are you going to do to take your grad outfit to the next level?

  • Q&A With June HALO Effect Honoree Neha Gupta

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    HALO Effect: Neha Gupta

    The HALO Effect continues to spread as we honor teens who make a difference in a big way. Are you ready to be inspired? Join us in congratulating our HALO Effect honoree for the month of June, Neha Gupta!

    Neha is a seventeen year-old Philadelphia student who founded Empower Orphans, a non-profit organization aimed at addressing worldwide problems related to orphaned and abandoned children. The goal of the organization is to break the cycle of poverty by providing these children with fundamental education skills and basic healthcare. To date, the organization has impacted 25,000 children around the world. Check our our exclusive Q&A to learn more about Neha's remarkable accomplishments!

    What inspired you to start Empower Orphans? What were the beginning stages of your organization like?
    Empower Orphans was born as a result of my annual trips to visit my grandparents in India. As part of our visits, I would volunteer at the Baal Kunj Orphanage along with my parents. It was there that my entire perspective on life changed and matured. As I listened to the stories of the children and heard them weep, I was able to feel their pain in my heart. Placing myself in their shoes, I identified with them. I pictured myself living in rural India. I pictured myself being abandoned by the two people I love most. I pictured myself sleeping on a cold floor with my bones jutting out from malnutrition. These children of my age and ethnicity seemed so similar to me, and yet, we were living different lives. It was shocking to hear that they would likely never escape the clutches of poverty because they lacked access to fundamental education and basic healthcare. I felt as though it was my responsibility to take action to help them lead better lives. Through this experience Empower Orphans was created.

    Empower Orphans has many areas of impact for orphaned and underprivileged children including food, healthcare and education. How do you identify which areas and/or children are in need of which kind of support?
    On a geographical basis, we have concentrated our efforts mainly in Northern India and the Philadelphia region. The operating principle of Empower Orphans has always been not only to support children but also be able to verify and measure the impact. My father's extended family lives in Northern India and is regularly verifying that all donations and services are utilized by and for the children and there is no theft. Additionally, I visit India every year to identify new projects by talking directly to the children and then execute the projects. On a regular basis, we receive requests to support orphans and disadvantaged children in Africa and other parts of Asia. Once we have validated these organizations and have a verification process in place, we will expand our coverage.

    What do you think is the key to successful fundraising?
    Networking, passion and perseverance.

    What has been one of your proudest accomplishments with Empower Orphans?
    It has been heartwarming to see how the individuals helped by Empower Orphans are thriving. One example is Meena, a young woman living in a village in northern India. When she was 18, Meena's father lost his job and the family had no other income. Meena believed she had to step up to help the family, so she enrolled in the sewing center established by Empower Orphans. She used her new skills to start her own business and with the money earned, she not only provided for her family, but she also brought electricity to her house for the first time. This enabled her brother, Ram, to study at night and pass his electrician's exam. Now both support their entire family. On one of my recent trips to India, Meena invited me to her home, a small room shared among six people, as a way of thanking me for the opportunity she was given. As Meena cried tears of happiness, she said, "Neha didi, dhanyavaad" or "Neha, my sister, thank you." I started to cry as well, humbled to be considered as part of her family and share their hope.

    If someone wanted to become involved in Empower Orphans, where should he or she begin?
    There are multiple ways that someone can get involved with Empower Orphans:
       1) Identify your cause and start your own fundraising team on our website
       2) Volunteer for our projects in India and US
       3) Donate
       4) Spread the word about Empower Orphans through social media

    To learn more about Neha and her organization, check out the clip below!