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  • Degrassi Recap: 'If You Could Only See'

    Posted on 11/12/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Show of hands: Who tuned in to last night's all-new Degrassi and subsequently felt all the feels because this show just continues to surprise your pants off? *Reaches palms to the sky* "If You Could Only See" took us on another wild ride and if you haven't seen it yet, catch up online before reading out recap below!

    Degrassi: If You Could Only See

    Maya began to worry about Miles. His family situation seemed to be affecting his well-being and Maya, whether or not she still has feelings for Miles, couldn't let it go. In fact, she became so concerned that he might hurt himself, she cried out in the middle of class after a nightmare in which she imagined Miles jumping from a balcony. Oof.

    Degrassi: If You Could Only See

    Ms. Grell called Ms. Matlin about Maya's outburst... and to make matters even more complicated, Maya's mom contacted Miles' parents.

    Degrassi: If You Could Only See

    When Miles found out about Ms. Matlin's concerned phone call, he was not happy. He accused Maya of meddling with bad intentions and clinging to the past: "Get over me, Maya," he said, "And stay the hell out of my life."

    Degrassi: If You Could Only See

    Since breaking up with Drew, Becky decided she was ready for someone new. She turned to the ever-promising Interwebs to secure a date for the Roller Derby with Jack and Imogen and when the digital powers-that-be found her match, he seemed perfect: Responsible, strong faith, good values. What could go wrong?

    Degrassi: If You Could Only See

    But after just a few hours on their first date, Becky realized that even though they were a perfect match on paper, it was not working out IRL. She wasn't the impossibly "bubbly" girl she used to be and the guy who may have been perfect for her a few months ago was now... annoying. So it seemed like her match made in heaven might be harder to find than she thought.

    Degrassi: If You Could Only See

    But when Becky wobbled home on her post-Power-Cheer crutches, she bumped into ex-BF Drew� and it was clear they still had some unfinished business.

    Drew may have a serious situation on his hands with Clare and her pregnancy, but Becky realized that he was worth the complication. #Drecky is not over.

    Degrassi: If You Could Only See

    After an awkward walk-in between Frankie, Winston and almost the entire Hollingsworth family, Frankie set out to prove to that she deserved to be treated with the same amount of freedom and independence as her brothers.

    Degrassi: If You Could Only See

    And when Frankie expressed her feelings to her teammates about the double standard between guys and girls, Zo� was inspired to turn their frustration into a fundraiser. Girls were putting themselves in compromising positions on oomfCHAT and getting nothing but trouble in return.

    Degrassi: If You Could Only See

    But sending nude pictures for money wasn't exactly what Frankie had in mind. Frankie wanted to take back the narrative, expose the vicious differences between what girls and guys are expected to do � not sell her body.

    Degrassi: If You Could Only See

    Back at home, however, Frankie's mom reinforced the double standard she was trying to fight by insisting she wear modest clothes to her dad's campaign event. It was the last straw for Frankie, and in a bout of frustration she did something she won't be able to take back: She took a topless picture of herself and sent it to Degrassi Nudes.


    And now we give the floor to you, faithful Degrassians. Will Frankie regret taking that picture? Do you see some flaws in Zo�'s idea of empowerment? Was Miles too harsh on Maya? Will Drew and Becky stay strong? Go for it in the comments.

  • TeenNick Top 10 Fresh Artist Interview: Betty Who

    Posted on 11/07/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Fresh Artist: Betty Who

    TeenNick Top 10 fans, you're just going to have to bear this double negative because there is quite literally nothing not to love about our Fresh Artist, Betty Who. Instantly recognizable with her platinum blonde coiff and easy-breezy pop songs ("Somebody Loves You" has been on repeat since Tuesday...), Betty Who is bliss in a bottle.

    We caught up with the Australian songstress to chat about her debut album, her classical past and her budding career so far. Check out our exclusive interview below!

    1. After releasing several EPs, how does it feel to have your debut full length album out?

    It's honestly such a relief, it's been such a long time in the making, I'm just so ecstatic to finally have it be done!

    2. You have a background as a classical cellist. That's so awesome! Has that training influenced your music in anyway?

    Yes I think it definitely influenced me. I think I started writing music so early because of my classical training and background. It also influences my ideas of melody I think. Some of my favourite melodies I've ever heard come from my favourite symphonies.

    3. What are you looking forward to most about going on tour with Katy Perry?

    I honestly am just excited about watching her show and hanging out in Australia, it's been such a long time since I've been home so that's definitely a plus.

    4. Where do you draw inspiration for your songwriting? Does inspiration come to you spontaneously?

    It definitely comes from experiences. Sometimes maybe I'll have a conversation with somebody and I'll walk away thinking about what they said and I'll say to myself "I have to go write that down right now."

    5. What is one accomplishment or milestone so far in your career that makes you particularly proud?

    Being on The View was pretty cool... I think playing a sold out show at Irving plaza this month, though, is definitely something that is up there and will be forever.

    And now, the rapid fire round! We asked Betty Who a series of silly questions, and here are the first things that came to mind!

    Shawn Mendes

    If you want to catch more of Betty Who, head over to the TeenNick Top 10 page! And don't forget to tune in tonight at 10pm ET!

  • TeenNick Top 10 Is Back and Better Than Ever!

    Posted on 11/05/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    We know you've been waiting. We know you've been missing your favorite countdown of today's hottest music videos. And we know you're ready for a new season TeenNick Top 10!

    Consider your wish granted, music fans, because TeenNick Top 10 is BACK! And we're not talking just new episodes with a countdown of fresh music videos carefully put together by our host-with-the-most, Nick Cannon. We've got two brand-new voting categories that are sure to put your fan skillz to the test.

    Here's how it works: It's up to you to VOTE and tell us which video is going to be named one of two major titles.

    TeenNick Top 10

    First up, we've got The Heater: These acts are burning up the charts and may just be the next big thing. Can they count on you to jump-start their stardom?

    And then there's Fan Favorite: Two videos enter, but only one can be your fave. It's time to gather your fan armies and battle it out!

    And what would a Top 10 episode be without some celebrity guests? Join the Degrassi cast and our latest Fresh Artist, Betty Who for some fun in the TeenNick Top 10 studio!

    Friday, 10pm ET. You don't want to miss it.

  • Degrassi Recap: 'Wise Up'

    Posted on 11/05/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    It's week two in a brand new season of Degrassi and we have a lot to discuss! During the Season Premiere, we learned that Clare decided to keep the baby, #Triles got caught in the middle of Hollingsworth family drama and Zo�, well, Zo�d her way onto the Power Cheer squad. What's up this week? If you haven't seen "Wise Up" yet, watch it online before reading our recap below!

    Degrassi: Wise Up

    After Miles went on-record to call his father a homophobe, Mr. H decided to take Miles golfing to presumably work things out. It turns out, however, that Mr. H was just trying to stage a reconciliation to show the papers that he was once again on good terms with his son. When Miles realized what was going on, he ran off frustrated and disappointed.

    Degrassi: Wise Up

    Back at the Hollingsworth house, Miles and his dad got into another heated argument. But this time, Mr. H. shoved Miles into a wall.

    Degrassi: Wise Up

    And realizing that his behavior was not OK, that his unacceptable actions had turned into physical abuse, he bribed Miles with a new car.


    Degrassi: Wise Up

    Back at Degrassi, Tristan thought that Miles was just using him to anger his dad. Miles was unwilling to jeopardize another relationship in his life, so he made a peace offering to Tristan, which included a dinner invitation and a ride in his new car.

    Apology accepted... but are there some bigger issues at play? We can't ignore what happened between Miles and his dad.

    Degrassi: Wise Up

    After learning that Clare planned to keep her baby, Drew was totally distraught over his uncertain future. He tried to talk Clare out of going through with the pregnancy, citing his immaturity as a major reason it probably wasn't a good idea for them to have a baby together. But Clare, headstrong in her ways, just said she didn't need Drew to be involved.

    And unsurprisingly, Drew thought he was off the hook.

    Degrassi: Wise Up

    Dallas, being a teen father himself, gave Drew some tough love about what it actually meant to be off the hook: By letting Clare raise the baby alone, he would still be a father� just a lousy one. Drew felt caught between warring opinions and a desire to do the right thing, but also didn't want to turn his life upside down. So he tried to lean on his girlfriend Becky for support.

    Degrassi: Wise Up

    But considering how the whole ordeal had put her in a very difficult situation, Becky decided she couldn't help him clean up his mess.

    Degrassi: Wise Up

    Zo� discovered several #oomfCHAT pictures of nude Niners on Zig's phone and was not pleased that Zig was so casual about the dismaying and troubling messages. Since they weren't officially dating, Zig didn't seem to see the problem. But just when Grace had knocked some sense into him and convinced him to delete the app, he got one of the very same oomfCHATs from Zo�. Ugh, twist.

    Degrassi: Wise Up

    Zig tried to tell Zo� she didn't need to send him compromising pictures, but Zo� took it personally and accused Zig of judging her. After everything that happened with the sexual assault trial, Zo� wanted to make it clear that she didn't need to be sheltered. She didn't need Zig telling her what to do with her body.

    Degrassi: Wise Up

    And even a grand (shirtless) apology couldn't change her mind.


    Things are rumbling at Degrassi. What say you, dedicated fans? Are Zig and Zo� over before they ever really started? Is Zo� asserting her strength and independence in the right way? Has Miles really forgiven his Dad for what he did? Will Drew be able to step up to the plate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

    If you or a friend is confronting a situation similar to Miles, Joyful Heart Foundation has resources and links to other organizations that may be helpful. As always, please remember you are not alone.

  • Degrassi Premiere Recap: 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'

    Posted on 10/29/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Welcome back, Degrassians! Last night, we kicked off a brand new season of Degrassi as our fave guys and gals returned for their final term (and brought a bunch of drama back with 'em). If you haven't seen the season premiere yet, watch "Smells Like Teen Spirit" online and then read our recap below!

    Degrassi: Smells LIke Teen Spirit

    After Clare discovered she was pregnant, she had to figure out how it would affect her future. Drew didn't understand why Clare continued to avoid him until he realized that he, apparently, had gotten her pregnant. Upset and confused, Clare decided she would get an abortion. And Drew (who just started dating Becky like, a second ago) was relieved for obvious reasons.

    Degrassi: Smells LIke Teen Spirit

    But then, Clare found out that her becoming pregnant after cancer was somewhat of a miracle. As a cancer survivor, her chances of being able to conceive were slim� but she was living proof that it was possible. In her head, an abortion sounded right, but in her heart she couldn't go through with it.

    Degrassi: Smells LIke Teen Spirit

    Just as swiftly as she resolved to get the procedure, Clare decided she would keep the baby. And Drew was back in the hot seat.

    Degrassi: Smells LIke Teen Spirit

    Oh, and just in case there wasn't enough to handle already, Clare found out she got into Columbia. In New York. Where Eli lives.

    This roller coaster is about to get real.

    Degrassi: Smells LIke Teen Spirit

    As captain of the Power Cheer team, Becky decided that after Zo�'s sexual assault trial against her brother, she didn't want Zo� cheering by her side.

    Degrassi: Smells LIke Teen Spirit

    The only problem was super-tumbler Zo� had a stellar try-out and kinda deserved to be on the squad.

    Degrassi: Smells LIke Teen Spirit

    And when Becky told Zo� she didn't make the cut, Zo� was upset, confused and (surprise!) a little vengeful.

    Degrassi: Smells LIke Teen Spirit

    Zo� happened to overhear Clare's pregnancy news, and decided to use it against Becky (the potential baby daddy's girlfriend, remember) in a famous Zo� Rivas stunt. She blurted out Drew's exciting news during Becky's performance, which sent Becky tumbling to the cold hard ground wondering� How ??? And why?? And what?! Her brand-new BF was going to be a dad?! Broken heart. Broken ankle.

    Degrassi: Smells LIke Teen Spirit

    And suddenly, a spot for Zo� opened up on the team.

    Degrassi: Smells LIke Teen Spirit

    Now that Miles and Tristan have gotten together, it didn't take long for Miles to stir up some tension with his family. Mr. H. wasn't so sure Miles' new relationship was the best thing for his campaign, and Miles wasn't so sure he cared.

    Degrassi: Smells LIke Teen Spirit

    When a campaign reporter asked Miles to share some of his father's words of wisdom, he facetiously relayed his father's motto: "Being gay is ridiculous."

    Degrassi: Smells LIke Teen Spirit

    And the first stone has been thrown (or, like, the fortieth). But we have to wonder, is Miles' relationship with Tristan just a ploy to provoke his father? Or are his feelings for Tris real?


    What did you think of the Season 14 premiere? Will Clare figure out a plan for her baby? Will Drew be a part of it? Can Zo� and Becky both get what they want? Does Miles care more about sabotaging his father's campaign than he does about his new BF? Get to talkin' in the comments!

  • Six Things You Need To Know For The New Season Of Degrassi

    Posted on 10/21/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Here we go, Degrassians. A new season is fast approaching (coughONEWEEKcough), and we can hardly contain our hopes, dreams and predictions for our favorite group of high-drama high schoolers. We know it's been a while since you've walked the hallowed blue and yellow halls, so while you're catching up on the latest full episodes (we repeat: FULL EPISODES!) from last season, here are six things you need to need to know before an all-new Degrassi premieres on October 28th at 9pm ET.

    Ready... GO!


    Six Things You Need To Know

    Six Things You Need To Know

    Yeah, we all thought EClare were soul mates, too. Clare called it quits with her longtime love Eli so she could see where things would go with her Prez, Drew Torres. Little did she know...


    Six Things You Need To Know

    First, she had two boys. Now she has zero boys.


    Six Things You Need To Know

    And it turned out she may have some unfinished business with her ex-boyfriend, after all.


    Six Things You Need To Know

    The phone call that will live in infamy: "Everything looks A-OK for you and your baby." Yes, Clare is pregnant. And we know you've got a lot of questions.


    Six Things You Need To Know

    A steamy kiss while trapped in the boiler room began what we will heretofore call #Drecky. They've decided to take it slowly, but will they actually be able to get their feet off the ground?


    Jack and Imogen...

    Six Things You Need To Know

    Their mutual quirkiness seems like a match made in heaven. Nothing can stop them... we think.

    Alli and Dallas...

    Six Things You Need To Know

    #Bhandallas, if you will. Grade 12 and on top of the world. Their future is bright, right?


    Six Things You Need To Know

    Zig is trying to break away from the gang world. He wants to turn his life around once and for all.


    Six Things You Need To Know

    In case you didn't hear, Miles and Tristan got together. And it might be more than just a one-time thing. But based on Miles' track record, do you think it will last?

    We are SO excited for the new season of Degrassi! Are you ready?! Don't forget to catch up on all the latest episodes right here and tune in October 28th at 9pm ET for the season premiere!


  • Get Spooky With These Halloween Nail Art Ideas!

    Posted on 10/20/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Halloween is right around the corner and decorations are going up. While its not quite time to show off that perfect costume, you can get in the holiday spirit with some spooktacular nail art! Here at TeenNick we like to rock some fancy nails and are all about sharing the sweet details!


    Halloween Nail Art

    Credit: Simply Rins

    Simply Rins has simply the cutest (but still creepy) nail designs! You can make this look your own with different background colors as long as you accent the tips with an artsy arachnid. Think of it as a french manicure with an itsy-bitsy-twist.


    Halloween Nail Art

    Credit: Southern Sparkle

    Ten little pairs of eyes might seem a little freaky, but Southern Sparkle unwraps the secret of nail art style! This mummy nail art is the perfect balance of eerie and trendy.


    Halloween Nail Art

    Credit: Chalkboard Nails

    Halloween has some signature colors that would look perfect splattered across your nails! Over at Chalkboard Nails, the ever-creative Sarah has come up with some fabulous designs for all occasions. Try out this haunted look and dazzle your friends!


    Halloween Nail Art

    Credit: Southern Sparkle

    Southern Sparkle does it again with these frighteningly fabulous designs. These ghosts won't scare anyone, but they might make a jealous passerby scream with envy. Stylish and ghoulish? That's what Halloween is all about!


    Halloween Nail Art

    Credit: One Nail to Rule Them All

    A less spooky option but still filled with Halloween and autumnal spirit is One Nail to Rule Them All's precious pumpkin tips. These gorgeous gourds make a perfect shout out to the season and keep your nails looking adorable as ever! Add a little jack-o'-lantern face if you're feeling creative

    When it comes to Halloween, it's all in the details. There's no limit to fancying up your claws and making your Halloween look truly out-of-this-underworld.

  • TeenNick Top 10 Is Getting Rev'd Up!

    Posted on 10/14/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    TeenNick Top 10

    TeenNick Top 10 fans, it's time to get pumped. This Friday on TeenNick Top 10, we're kicking it up a notch with a fresh countdown of high-energy, mood-boosting songs that are sure to give an extra edge over the competition.

    TeenNick Top 10

    Plus, pop superstar on-the-rise Charli XCX and Top 10 favorites American Authors will swing by the TeenNick Top 10 studio!

    TeenNick Top 10

    But that's not all! We're gonna meet some awesome student athletes who tell us all about what gets them amped up to play. You won't want to miss it! Friday, 10pm ET. Be there.

    TeenNick Top 10

  • Five Quick Study Break Ideas To Stay Motivated!

    Posted on 10/13/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Study Break

    Credit: Getty Images

    Let's face it: there's no more "easing into" the school year. The syllabi have been read, the tests have been scheduled and the studying is about to commence. We know all too well the the alluring (but oh-so dangerous) rabbit hole of internet and its ability to yank our productivity. But with these few study break ideas, you'll get the energy and reprieve you need without wasting time watching kitten videos! Check 'em out.

    1. Go for a walk. Even if it's just a lap around the library, get the blood flowing. We promise, not only will you feel energized, but that great thesis statement may just pop in your head mid-step!

    2. Paint your nails. So what if you're not a master manicurist? Painting your nails can be the perfect combination of a soothing and a self-pampering brain break. Step away from the small print textbook, and give your pretty paws a little love.

    3. Have a snack. Trail mix and sliced apples with peanut butter are snackable gifts to the universe. Take advantage of the satisfying, stimulating, healthy snacks. Or if you're looking to reward yourself for a solid few hours of hard work, fill up your favorite mug with hot chocolate and tiny marshmallows for a perfect (almost) cold-weather treat.

    4. Buy a coloring book. Don't you miss the days when your biggest concern was coloring in the lines? Take a break with this mindless, but still creative activity.

    5. Have a dance party. Gather a few of your friends for a mental shakedown with your favorite energizing songs. If you need a little help finding some pump-up tunes, we've got a few TeenNick Top 10-approved suggestions for you.

    What will you be doing to take a break while you study? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments!

  • Play Our '90s Halloween Vine Game!

    Posted on 10/06/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Halloween is less than a month away and here at TeenNick, we're looking forward to the big night by throwing it back two decades. The '90s were a magical time when the only thing orange was an iguana (or soda!) and inspirational quotes came from Uncle Tito, not Instagram.

    Take a dip into the archive of iconic '90s characters from All That!, Rocket Power, Rugrats, Kenan & Kel and more by playing our Vine game below! Tap on one of the images to find out who you should be on All Hallows Eve!