Dance Academy: The pressure's on.

Posted on Apr 12, 2012 by Lisa

Let's talk about kissing, Australian slang (Have you "pashed" anyone lately?), and the latest episodes of Dance Academy.

*Spoilers below.* if you haven't seen the Dance Academy episodes "Pressure" and "Family," watch them before you read any further.

Last night, on "Pressure," I loved the way Tara described her impulsive kiss with Ethan as an "almost pash." (Pashing is Australian slang for frenching / making out.)

I've never been a huge fan of Ethan's character, but during this episode, I found him much more likable. Maybe Tara will be a good influence on him?

I totally ship Tara + Sir Joshua. I'll call them "Tashua." They're very cute together, even if Sir Joshua wasn't very good at teaching Tara how to kiss. (Sidenote: When Kat first offered to help Tara with the kissing thing, I thought she was going to give Tara a practice kiss. I was a tiny bit disappointed that she didn't.)

Speaking of kisses, I love the way the camera spun around Ethan and Tara as they were kissing at the end of the episode. That kind of shot always makes love feel even love-ier, doesn't it?

On a more serious note, watching Abigail starve herself was so upsetting. I hope she's able to get help, take better care of herself, and continue dancing.

In tonight's episode, "Family," everyone's family visits before the school holidays, and they all bring drama. Tara's mom pressures her to quit dancing because the family can't afford her tuition; Kat's mom ignores the fact that they made plans to take a trip together; Sammy's dad skips the visit... and meanwhile, Abigail's recovering at home, and her mom won't let anyone talk to her when they call. *sigh*

Despite all the family stress, I felt like we really saw the main characters pull together and support each other during this episode -- especially when Sammy went to check on Abigail. That made it even harder to imagine Tara leaving them all behind because of her family's money problems.

I cried when she won the scholarship. Did you?