Dance Academy: "Growing Pains" and "Heartbeat"

Posted on Mar 29, 2012 by Lisa

What did you think of Sammy's shopping trip, the rumor about Tara and "Damo," Abigail's body issues, Kat's music video, and the competition between Christian and Ethan? Let's discuss.

Kat and Sammy

I felt like Wednesday's Dance Academy episode, "Growing Pains," could've been subtitled "the embarrassing moment episode" because there were soooo many embarrassing moments.

Which "Growing Pains" moment did you think was the MOST embarrassing? I'll give you a selection:

*Ethan telling Tara "You're like my other little sister." (OUCH.)
*Sammy getting a wedgie in class.
*Christian getting assigned to take Sammy shopping for a dance belt (btw, if you don't know what one is, it's basically the dance equivalent of a jockstrap. I had to google it, haha.)
*Tara's attempt to cover her giant zit with her hand as she walked around school.
*Tara getting yelled at by Miss Raine in front of her entire pointe class for wearing too much makeup.
*Abigail getting yelled at by Miss Raine in front of her entire pointe class for wearing a sweater.
*Abigail's awkward conversation with Kat about how it sucks to grow breasts if you want to be a ballerina.
*Tara getting in trouble for the rumor that she's dating Damian (even though she didn't start it).
*Tara getting yelled at by Damian for almost ruining his career.
*The moment where I had to google "dance belt." (That wasn't shown in the episode, but it happened around the same time.)

Overall, I thought the worst moments to watch were the ones that involved Tara trying way too hard to cover up the zit. I kept saying, "You're making things worse! Leave it alone!"

I secretly liked Abigail's awkward conversation with Kat, because it was so rare to see those two characters share a moment. I hope at some point the show does a flashback so we find out how their former best-friendship fell apart. (It's not hard to imagine, since they're very different people, but I want details!)

Ethan and Christian

Tonight's episode, "Heartbeat," focused on Kat, Christian, and Ethan.

How did you feel about the Kat storyline? It felt somewhat possible to me that if a cute dancer uploaded a video of herself making fun of a pop song, the original performer might see it and want to meet her... but would a guy like Myles Kelly really let her change the costumes and choreography on his music video? That felt like a bit of a stretch to me. And besides, I want Kat to have a love interest who isn't a celebrity. I want her to fall for a really nice down-to-earth guy who won't hurt her.

On the other hand, the competition between Ethan and Christian felt very realistic. It was so hard to watch Christian get picked for that role, knowing how much Ethan wanted it... but it was also hard to watch Christian throw that opportunity away. Do you think Ethan will ever find out the truth? (I really hope not. I don't think he'd take it well.)

More Dance Academy is coming... tune in next Wed. and Thurs. at 7:30pm et!