Why were Clare's and Jake's reactions so different?

Posted on Aug 31, 2011 by Mary

LOOK OUT! SPOILERS! Watch "Dead and Gone, pt. 1" before you scroll any further!


How come Jake was all:

Jake in Degrassi Dead and Gone, pt. 1
"Gee soon-to-be-stepmom and dad... your big news sure is swell!"

When Clare was all:

Clare in Degrassi Dead and Gone, pt. 1
"Mother, you may wish to thank me for averting my eyes so as not to accidentally kill you with my death glare."


Theory 1: Jake has had more time to get used to his parents divorce and wants his dad to be happy, even if it's at his own relationship's expense. Clare is still reeling and doesn't particularly care how happy her mom is at this point.

Theory 2: Jake spies an easy way out of this relationship, and is gonna take it.

Theory 3: Jake knows they can't "win" this one so he's not even going to try.

I'm leaning toward a combo of 1 and 3. Especially based on the look on Jake's face when Clare was like "You didn't think about involving me in this decision?" But maybe I'm misinterpreting his face there? I don't know!

What did you think?

Only one more Degrassi: Now or Never episode left! SSSSSIIIIIIIGGGGGGHHHHHHH