Degrassi, Dance Academy, and Girl Fights...

Posted on Feb 24, 2012 by Lisa

Tonight on TeenNick, lots of girls said (and did) lots of mean things to each other. Let's break it down, and let's talk about what happened with Cake, too.

SPOILERS BELOW. Don't read any further until you've seen the latest episodes of Degrassi and Dance Academy!

First up: Degrassi.
Right now I feel like Katie and Marisol are such bad friends that they sort of deserve each other. When they decided that it was fine to let Imogen take the blame for everything, I started talking to my TV, like "Are you KIDDING me?" (and that's one of the nicer things I said out loud as I watched.) I felt like we really saw Katie and Marisol at their worst in this episode.

Maya and ToriThe scenes between Tori and Maya were hard to watch for different reasons. I agreed with Simpson when he said how disappointed he was to see "two smart girls fighting over a guy the first week of school." And like, FIGHT-fighting. Spitting! Hair-pulling! Over a dude! Yes, Zig is cute, but really?!! I'm dying to hear what you guys think of Tori now -- especially after the scene in Simpson's office where she seemed to want Maya to feel sorry for her.

Meanwhile... I'm sending a hug out to all the Cake fans tonight. Jake had a good point about how he and Clare are already "linked for life" and that having sex might just make everything more complicated. That heartbreaking conversation in the kitchen (followed immediately by hanging out as a family) sort of proved his point. I think no matter what, though, they're headed for more complications. I mean, they still like each other, right? And they still live in the same house?

Meanwhile, on DANCE ACADEMY...
When Abigail ran in, acting all excited to have Tara for a roommate, I was confused about who she was for a second. It looked like Abigail, the girl that tried to get Tara kicked out of auditions. Then I realized... yup, it's Abigail, and she's being really, really fake. I think Tara instinctively felt the same way, but because she's a nice person, she gave Abigail the benefit of the doubt.

Sammy, Tara, and KatI feel like on both shows tonight, the adults were completely out of the loop about the girl vs. girl drama. Simpson seemed unwilling to believe anything bad about Katie and Marisol, and Miss Raine tells Tara that if she wants to be successful, she should spend MORE time with Abigail. Yes, Kat might be a bad influence in some ways -- she does convince Tara to leap off of a building -- but Abigail seems like she's intentionally trying to ruin Tara's chances at the academy.

A few things I liked about this episode:
*The kangaroo!!
*Spotting the girl from H2O. (Cariba Heine played Rikki on H2O, and she's Isabelle on Dance Academy.)
*The way Kat defends Sammy when the other guys make fun of him.
*This quote: "The thing about being at the bottom is... there's nowhere else to go but up." - Tara

Are you ready for another Dance Academy episode? The next ep, Behind Barres, will air on TeenNick next Friday, but you can watch it online RIGHT HERE!

Tara, Kat, and Abigail

Random question to answer in the comments: Which girl would you LEAST want as a friend?
Marisol (Degrassi)
Tori (Degrassi)
Katie (Degrassi)
Abigail (Dance Academy)
Kat (Dance Academy)