Degrassi and Dance Academy: What'd you think?

Posted on Mar 02, 2012 by Lisa

Ouch, right? Tonight's Degrassi had lots of physical pain, and Dance Academy had lots of emotional pain.

SPOILERS BELOW. Don't read any further until you've seen the latest episodes of Degrassi and Dance Academy!

Katie and DrewI watched tonight's Degrassi with ice on my knee, because I fell on it while running. I'm sure my knee is nowhere near as bad as Katie's, but I was horrified when she kept playing soccer after her injury. Knees are pretty fragile, and that was NOT a smart move, no matter how much she wants to get on the team.

I saw a bunch of comments on the sneak peek saying that Katie should've apologized to the other player when she realized how bad she was injured, and I agree. I know Drew told her not to, but c'mon... the girl was bleeding all over!

Other thoughts on this episode:
* I love that Tori and Tristan obsess over West Drive the same way we all obsess over Degrassi.
* Yay for the brotherly conversation between Tristan and Owen!
* I think this Tristan/Tori/Zig triangle might get interesting.
* When Katie was trying to choose Degrassi's next event, I loved Marisol's suggestion to move "Degrassi Gladiators" up on the schedule. I am DYING to know what that is. I hope we hear more about it.
* Face-mask girl is probably going to star in my next nightmare.
* I'm tempted to memorize Alli's "wag that tail" speech so I can use it on sad friends.

Meanwhile, on DANCE ACADEMY...
Sammy and TaraTara got really embarrassed when the whole school found out about her giant crush on Ethan. What I learned from this ep: If anyone tries to get you to make a pros and cons list about someone you like, don't do it.

But enough about Tara's crush. I want to talk about MY crush. Have I mentioned yet that Christian is my favorite character on this show? I think I'm going to put a nice big picture of him at the bottom of this post just because I can.

Other things I liked about this episode:
* The very beginning, where scenes of Tara dancing in the studio are intercut with scenes of Christian running from the cops. I thought that was beautiful (and not just because Christian was in it, I swear).
* The bathing suit Kat wears when she takes Tara and Sammy to her secret swimming spot.
* All the roommate drama between Tara and Abigail. It made me SO glad I don't have a roommate anymore!

Hey, Christian...