Degrassi, Dance Academy, and Owen's Theory on Life.

Posted on Mar 09, 2012 by Lisa

The world is "full of sharks" -- agree or disagree? Let's discuss tonight's Degrassi and Dance Academy episodes.

SPOILERS BELOW. Don't read any further until you've seen the latest eps of Degrassi and Dance Academy.

Jake cleans up Katie's mess.
Jake cleans up Katie's mess.


Tori and TristanI want to start off by talking about the life advice Owen gives Tristan: "The world is full of sharks, Tris, and unless you adapt, you're gonna get eaten alive." Do you think that's good advice?

It got me thinking... who are the "sharks" at Degrassi? I think in a lot of ways, Katie is a shark. To get what she wants, she's willing to push herself as hard as it takes -- and push everyone else out of the way. But that "shark"-like behavior ends up hurting her, and she hurts a whole bunch of other people in the process.

Other random thoughts:
*K.C.'s poem sure was "emotive."
*I loved seeing Fiona confront Katie and Marisol.
*Katie on the scissor lift = HORRIBLE to watch, but also kind of hilarious. (Does that make me a bad person?)
*I liked the song Jenna sang at the coffee house, but I loved the performance of "Half-hearted 'Til I'm with You."

Dance Academy:

Kat and her duet partnerI still had Owen's advice in mind as I was watching Dance Academy, and I think he'd probably say the same thing to Tara. She and Tristan are both in their first year at a new school, and getting in way over their heads.

The dance world definitely has sharks, too. I think Abigail and Ethan see Tara as someone who's way too sensitive to succeed. Maybe in some ways, she does have to toughen up, but I don't want to see Tara (or Tristan for that matter!) change much. I like them just the way they are.

If anyone on Dance Academy needs to change, I'd say it's Abigail. When Sammy asked her to go to the beach, and she said, "I don't do beach... I don't do sand, I don't do salt, I don't do sun," it made me so sad. I think Abigail needs a relaxing day at the beach more than anyone else on this show. I don't want to see her end up like Katie.

Other random thoughts:
*I would lose my mind if I had to be tied to Abigail for 24 hours.
*I am really starting to like Kat.
*Christian is so messed up in the head (but I love him anyway).

If you have a sec (or two) to share your opinion...
Do you think Tristan needs to adapt to survive at Degrassi? What advice would you give him?
Do you think Tara needs to adapt to make it at the National Academy of Dance? What advice would you give her?
How did you react when Tara confronted Ethan? Was he out of line -- or was Tara?