Have you seen the latest Degrassi and Dance Academy?

Posted on Mar 16, 2012 by Lisa

SPOILERS BELOW. Don't read any further until you've seen the latest eps of Degrassi and Dance Academy.

Hey, Eli!

On tonight's Degrassi, it seemed like everyone had a lot to deal with -- and they're all dealing with it in different ways.

FionaFiona seems crazy stressed about her crush on Imogen, but she's trying to ignore it and hope it goes away. She seems to think that if she gets Eli and Imogen together, her own feelings will evaporate. (I have a bad feeling about this.)

When Mo teases Connor at football try-outs and makes him look bad in front of the team, Connor doesn't ignore it. He decides to get even by messing with Mo in return. (I have a bad feeling about this, too.)

And of course, we have Clare. Poor Clare. She's so stressed out about the Jake situation that she seems to be trying every possible method of dealing with it. Distracting vampire books? Check. Dinner table freak-out? Check. Running away from her problems? Check. (I have all sorts of feelings about Clare's situation, and they're not all bad, because I feel like we have lots of good drama heading our way. Bring it on, Degrassi!)

Other random comments/questions about this episode:
*Imogen claims she shipped her feelings for Eli off to the moon. Do you believe her?
*I wouldn't wish Jake's awkward birthday dinner on anyone. That scene was painful!
*Fiona + Imogen are so cute together... Do you think there's any chance things could turn romantic?
*Is it just me or did Eli look even cuter than usual in that scene with Fiona in The Dot? I'm not sure if it was the messy hair or what.
*What was your first impression of Summer? She makes me nervous for some reason.
*If I saw someone about to destroy their smart phone, I would NOT applaud. *Sigh.*

SammyMeanwhile, on Dance Academy, Christian tries to figure out where he belongs, Sammy considers quitting dance to please his family, and Tara avoids Ethan, because she sees him as a distraction.

Tonight's episode showed the dancers working on pirouettes, and mentioned how important it is to stay focused while you're turning. I know it's a weird thing to say, but I sort of wish Fiona, Connor, and Clare could've seen this episode. I think they all need a reminder to let go of their distractions and stay focused. I think we ALL need that reminder, whenever our lives fill up with stress. Focus! (That's today's motivational speech from Lisa, inspired by Degrassi and Dance Academy. You're welcome.)

Sammy's situation on Dance Academy got me wondering... Would your parents freak out if your biggest goal was to become a dancer? Would they support you, or urge you to pursue something else?