Let's talk Degrassi!

Posted on Mar 23, 2012 by Lisa

SPOILERS BELOW. Don't read any further until you've seen the latest episode of Degrassi.

Summer drops Clare off at Degrassi.

So, all of Summer's friendly concern for Clare's well-being... total crap. If you care about someone, you don't put them in a situation like that. On the other hand, Jake made it clear he does care about Clare by going to investigate her living situation. I'm so glad she wasn't alone when all that stuff went down at Summer's, and their scene on the bench was great (so many of Clare's big life moments seem to happen on benches!).

I think maybe Clare needed to hit rock-bottom before she could figure out what to do next. Do you think being involved in a drug bust *is* rock-bottom for Clare? Will she get her life together now?

As for the Connor/Mo storyline, I'm glad Connor finally confessed the truth. I have to say though, after all he went through last year with that creepy Lovequeen16 lady, it sucked to see him using the internet to manipulate someone else. Not cool, Connor.

Hey, if any football experts read this, help me out: I know very little about this sport, but I couldn't help wondering: Can two players really shout at each other like that, mid-game, without a time-out? Or would it be called a foul or something? I'm curious in terms of reality, but I liked the scene anyway. It made me laugh, and it was great to see Connor sort of fitting in, even if it was in an unusual way. I love that Clare's "Did you ever love me at all?" breakdown is famous enough at school that other kids quote it!

Connor and Mo.

And last, but definitely not least, Fiona looked like she was trying sooo hard not to cry when she realized Eli and Imogen were getting together. Her sad little "Yay!" as she hugged them broke my heart. I know Eli and Imogen have a lot in common, but I want Fiona to find love, too... and soon.

So, what did you think of the episode?