What's going on with Eli?

Posted on Mar 30, 2012 by Lisa

Did you watch Degrassi: "Need You Now, pt. 1" tonight? If not, watch it here before you read any further. *spoilers below*


Eli's in a tough spot right now. He wants to prove to everyone that he's fine, but they all keep giving him special treatment because he's bi-polar. Imogen's trying so hard to understand him that she made him the focus on her senior art project (rewatch that scene here). Bullfrog is trying to step up and be a better parent, reminding Eli to get more sleep and take his medication. Fiona asks why he "went manic on Imogen." Adam says "Maybe you should take a pill."

Do you think Bullfrog is right, and that it's too early for Eli to be dating? Or does everyone just need to stop talking about the fact that he's bi-polar and treat him the way they normally would?

I would be so annoyed if my friends or family asked me to "take a pill" anytime I expressed an emotion... but it did seem like Eli was kind of losing it at the end there. I mean, how many times did he try calling Imogen? (Whatever the exact number is, it was WAY too many.)

Meanwhile... where was Imogen? Is she lying to Eli? Do you think he has a reason to worry?

Tori and Zig

I found this photo of Tori and Zig from tonight's episode, and I feel like it reflects the state of their relationship. Tori's smile seems to say "Yay! Zig is the best boyfriend ever!" but Zig doesn't seem to care either way. I feel like if Tori is serious about cheerleading, she needs to prove it (even if it means wearing the panther costume), and not worry so much about making her boyfriend happy.

And last but not least, where do you think this K.C. story is heading? I can't decide if I like the idea of him spending more time around Ty/Doug or not. I mean, K.C. is Doug's father, but the Powell's are officially Doug's parents now. The whole situation is so complicated.

What'd you think of this episode? What does Eli need most right now?