Degrassi: Let's talk about Eli, Tori, and K.C.

Posted on Apr 06, 2012 by Lisa

Did you watch Degrassi: "Need You Now, pt. 2" tonight? If not, watch it before you read this post. *spoilers inside*

Eli and Adam

Munro and I talked about this episode, and as I told him, I found it very stressful to watch. I was SO WORRIED about Eli. I want him to get better, but tonight, it really seemed like he was getting worse. Breaking into Fiona's apartment seemed off-the-charts crazy (rewatch that scene here). He's lucky she didn't all the police.

When Eli's psychologist said, "I don't really think that you have anything to worry about for the time being," it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. He's just acting weird and jealous because he caught the person he likes lying to him! It makes sense, but I still wish he'd confronted Imogen instead of spying on her.

By the way, the next time I'm acting crazy over a guy I like, can I please visit Degrassi-world and talk to Adam? For someone without much dating experience, his advice seems right on (though I wish he'd found a way to stop Eli from going to Fiona's).

Marisol and Tori

I am so glad Tori finally stood up to Zig about the power squad thing. When she said, "Name one thing you've ever done for me," I felt like cheering for her. I'm also glad that it encouraged him to make an effort. For a few minutes there, I thought tonight might be the end of Zori, but Zig really stepped up.

A few questions about tonight's episode:
*Eli and Imogen: I'm glad they're doing the friend thing for now. Do you think they'll be the kind of friends who later become something more? Or is their romantic connection over for good? (They have so much in common... I'm so torn about this.)

*Zig and Tori: Think it'll last? Or are they so different that they'll end up driving each other crazy? Zig doesn't like football, but for Tori, he committed to going to every game. Hmm.

*K.C. and the baby: Do you think K.C. is doing the right thing by backing off from the Powells? It seems like he really wants to make the most of his life so that if Doug ever needs him in the future, he can be there... but I wonder how Doug will feel about their when he's older. (Maybe he'll be a character on Degrassi someday, and we'll find out!)