Degrassi: "Smash Into You, Pt. 1" Recap

Posted on Apr 13, 2012 by Lisa

Did you watch "Smash Into You, Pt. 1" tonight? (If not, watch it here.) Let's talk it over.

*Spoilers below. Don't read any further until you've seen the episode.*

Alli and Dave

OK, so. First up, as a bunch of people commented on this post, Dave's texting and driving in the first scene is just plain stupid. If you learn one lesson from tonight's Degrassi, let it be: DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE OR YOU WILL HIT SOMEONE YOU LOVE WITH YOUR CAR.

While the texting and driving was the stupidest thing (in my opinion) that Dave did in this episode, I loved that awkward moment when he ran into the Model UN planning meeting, knocked everything over, and said "Did I do that?" He's like our own little Urkel!

I'm glad that Alli decided to give Dave another chance, but can anyone live up to her standards of a good boyfriend? I feel like they're both going to have to relax a bit for the relationship to work. (Btw, when did Little Miss Steaks get so romantic? Rewatch that scene.)

One question though... Am I the only one who feels bad for Jacinta? I feel like she really likes Dave, and he's treating her like crap. Love is so complicated. :(

Tori and Adam

Meanwhile, I loved the thing Adam wrote about how surviving the shooting makes him feel like he can do anything. I am SO glad he came through all of that ok, and I'm excited to see more of the secret admirer storyline next week.

I thought it was funny when Tori asked Adam personal questions and claimed it was for an assignment. It reminded me of when Anya and Riley interviewed Chris about his relationship status. Has anyone out there ever done this in real life to get info? Or does this only happen on TV?

And while I'm asking questions... If you were participating in Degrassi's Model UN, would you rather work with Mo or Marisol? (Neither of them seems like an ideal partner, but if you HAD to work with one of them, would it be Mar or Mo?)

Do you think Katie and Drew are right that Mo likes her? Or are they just messing with Marisol's head?

Any other comments on the episode? Post them below.