Degrassi: "Smash Into You, Pt. 2" Recap

Posted on Apr 20, 2012 by Lisa

Did you watch "Smash Into You, Pt. 2" tonight? (If not, watch it here.) We've got a lot to talk about.

*Spoilers below. Don't read any further until you've seen the episode.*

Jacinta and Dave

When I watched this episode, I hadn't seen any of the promos, and I screamed out loud during the accident scene (rewatch it here, if you're so inclined). I was horrified. We don't know Jacinta very well as a character, so I was almost more worried about Dave than I was about her. I can't imagine how much guilt and overall horribleness I would feel in his shoes.

Even aside from the accident, this episode was a stressful one. Watching Jacinta send mean texts to Alli from Dave's phone was heartbreaking, especially since Alli was in the middle of trying to lead a school event, and didn't know they weren't real. I feel bad for all three of them. Sometimes love really sucks, because it makes you so vulnerable.

On a brighter note, I love-love-loved the song Mo wrote for his Model UN project with Marisol. Want to watch that scene again, and sing along? Me too, so here it is:

I've never been a big Marisol fan, since we've seen her be pretty mean to other Degrassi students (even Katie, her BFF). But tonight she had two lines that I really liked a lot:

"If only we judged less and loved a little more, the world would be a better place." Then later, when Mo worries that she's out of his league... "You're not. Leagues are stupid." I barely recognize this loving, open-minded Marisol! If this is how she acts after spending a little time with Mo, I want them to spend every waking moment together.

Oh, I have to mention, though -- I laughed pretty hard toward the beginning of the episode when Marisol asked Drew, "How do I kill this crush?" and he told her "Just be yourself." She didn't even notice that he was insulting her. Ha.

Adam and Tori

As for Adam's "secret admirer" date... once again, I feel bad for everyone involved. Mostly, I feel bad for Adam, because he took a chance, and his "date" wasn't someone he'd be even remotely interested in.

I feel bad for Tristan, because he thought Adam was gay, and Adam isn't.

I feel bad for Tori, because she was trying to do a nice thing by playing matchmaker, and it failed in a really big way.

I even feel bad for Zig, because he had to be there for all the awkwardness, and because he didn't know what the "T" on an "LGBT" pin stands for. Sigh.

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