Degrassi: "Hollaback Girl, pt. 2" Recap

Posted on May 04, 2012 by Lisa

So... what's your take on the Katie-Drew-Bianca situation? Let's discuss "Hollaback Girl, pt. 2." (Spoilers below. If you haven't seen the episode yet, watch it here.)

Bianca and Drew

First of all, I just want to say that I'm really starting to appreciate Drew and Adam's mom, Audra. In the past, Mrs. Torres seemed harsh, but maybe she's just a really protective mom? I absolutely loved the scene where she and Bianca talked on the stairs. It made me cry, because I'm SO GLAD Bianca found someone who's willing to look out for her.

It looks like she's going to be spending more time with the Torres family, so it's not exactly convenient that she and Drew are in love, and he's still dating Katie. Is this situation good for anyone? I sort of wish Drew had broken up with Katie before she went into rehab, because I feel like she might end up getting hurt worse in the long run.

Dave and Alli

The comedian at the Dot (rewatch that scene here) seemed convinced that Dave and Alli were over. At the time, I thought he might be right, but that confrontation somehow seems to have *helped* their relationship. I feel like Dave just has to accept that he's going to be an emotional mess about the accident for a while... and Alli has to accept it, too.

I think I'm still kind of a mess about Jacinta's accident, too. I don't want anything like that to happen to anyone I know. If you're walking and texting, PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

Marisol and Mo

Meanwhile, despite Mo's total inability to understand girls, it seems like Marisol is willing to give him another chance. I felt so bad for Mo when she refused to go on the fancy date, but it makes sense that she was worried about Katie. If they want this relationship to work out, though, they need to take a lesson from Dave and Alli and work on their communication. "None of your business" isn't a phrase that leads to a great relationship.

I did love the moment where Marisol told Mo, "This is why I like you. You just wanna hold my hand," though. :)

What did you think of this episode?