Degrassi: "In the Cold, Cold Night, pt. 1" Recap

Posted on May 11, 2012 by Lisa

This Frostival thing sure seems to be stirring up lots of drama... but before I go into detail, I want to point out that there are SPOILERS BELOW. (If you haven't seen the episode yet, watch it here.)


Imogen seems beyond-psyched about the idea of "a festival of frost? No... a FROSTIVAL!" and I get the feeling lots of Degrassi fans share her excitement.

Fiona has been trying so hard to impress Imogen (and make Marisol look bad), but now she has even more to worry about. Mrs. Coyne was in jail, and now she's on house arrest. That's a huge deal, and it sounds like she's serious about moving Fi back to NYC. I love Fiona, so I hope her days at Degrassi aren't coming to an end just yet.


Meanwhile, poor Maya is so miserable in the ninth grade band. She and Ms. Oh seem like they're driving each other crazy. Sitting through a class where you don't feel challenged at all is the worst. I don't want her to leave Degrassi and go to art school, but I want her to find something that makes her happier. Any ideas what that might be?


And last but not least, can we talk about Eli for a sec? I loooved the scene where he jokes that Fiona and Imogen should make out, and then he can tell from Fiona's reaction that she has a crush on Imogen. To me, that just proves what good friends Eli and Fiona are. He says he doesn't care if she goes after Imogen, and I really hope he means that. I want Eli and Imogen to stay friends, and Eli and Fiona to stay friends, and Imogen and Fiona to figure out where they're headed without ruining their friendship. (I've said this before, but you guys are SO lucky I don't write for Degrassi... I'd be like "I'm making everyone friends forever! No more of that messy drama!" Haha.)

Back on the subject of Eli: I know a lot of people liked "dark" Eli, but I love this happier version of him. I think he's proving to himself -- and to everyone else -- that taking care of yourself (and taking medication, if you need it) really helps. The old Eli scared me because I was always afraid he was about to do something desperate and drastic to prove his love for Clare, and that's exactly what ended up happening. (Poor Morty. *sigh*)

Speaking of Clare, she seems to be returning to her overachieving ways. Agreeing to run the newspaper before she has anyone to help her? That's the Clare we know and love! No more running away from home, please.

I'm proud of Clare for apologizing to Alli, but it was pretty obvious that she waited to do so until she really needed a favor, which made the apology feel less meaningful. The scene where Eli walked in and asked, "Are you still looking for writers?" kind of blew my mind... (Rewatch it here.) I'm dying to see where this all goes next week.

Next week: FROSTIVAL. I'm tempted to wear a winter hat and scarf next Friday, even though I live in LA.