12 Boys of Degrassi: Dave

Posted on Dec 16, 2010 by Mary

The 12 Boys of Degrassi

Today's 4th Boy of Degrassi is...

♥Dave Turner♥.

Perhaps he won't be able to win the love of a girl until he truly loves himself. But let's count the reasons he really should love himself:

1) Always makes us laugh -- and even got Alli to relax a little about her social status when they manned the refreshments table.
2) Obviously fearless. Not everyone would go pantsless in front of the entire media immersion class.
3) Is clearly a total romantic; remember that look in his eyes when he was around Alli?
4) Is... learning to be a good friend. Thanks to Wesley.
5) And was undoubtedly the most memorable aspect of the Big D Dance Crew (woooo!).

You can also watch more Dave clips and episodes here in the Degrassi Dave playlist. What was your favorite Dave Turner moment? And am I the only one who really really really hopes he meets a nice girl next season?