The 12 Boys of Degrassi: Drew!

Posted on Dec 22, 2010 by Lisa
The 12 Boys of Degrassi

Day 10 of our Degrassi-holiday-boy-o-rama brings us to: ♥Drew♥!

On the tenth day of Degrassi boys, we've got lots of Drew, just for you. What makes Drew special? Here's how he tells it: "His killer smile makes ladies scream. He's the best QB in the entire league. Every girl in school wants to be his match, and that's why he is the perfect catch!" Oh, Drew...

At first, I thought Drew was a manipulative jerk, but once I saw what a good brother he is, I realized football and girls aren't the only things that matter to him. He'd also do anything for his brother, Adam. I love how well they get along.

Drew does love girls, though. In this clip, he's in super-flirt mode:

If you'd rather watch Drew bond with Alli in the photo booth during the Hoedown Throwdown (such a good scene), watch You Don't Know My Name, Part 2, and lots of other Drew-filled episodes in our Drew Playlist.

Oooh. Drew.

What are your all-time favorite Drew scenes? Favorite Drew quotes? Favorite Drew hats?