We got you a present!

Posted on Dec 25, 2010 by Mary

We at TeenNick wish you Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and Happily Ever After Your Whole Life Long!

And, good news! We picked your names out of the Secret Santa hat, so here's your prezzie... a new Degrassi poster! It looks like this:

TeenNick's present for you - a new Degrassi poster!

Some assembly required... we broke it down into three 8x10 pieces:
Right-click and save for part 1
Right-click and save for part 2
Right-click and save for part 3

This way you can print those out and put 'em together to make your very own Deg-oration. Oh my God, I just said Deg-oration, clearly I need to stop working and go to Australia. Have a GREAT holiday, enjoy your winter break, I hope it snows only exactly as much as you want it to, and I hope all of your wishes come true forever. Unless you make bad wishes.

Enjoy your new poster!