Adam's Hair: An Evolution

Posted on Aug 08, 2013 by baileyb2112

Over the years, we've watched Adam Torres grow more confident, more flirtatious, and more self-assured. But, perhaps most importantly, we've also watched him experiment with his hair. This handsome devil has tried it all, and we think it's about time to highlight some of Adam's best looks.

Beanie Baby

We all remember when a young and insecure Adam Torres rocked the beanie/visor combo in the halls of Degrassi. It's hard to say whether we miss this look or were thrilled to see it go.

The Side-Part Swoon

Adam sure cleans up nice! In an attempt to win Fiona's heart, Adam got a fresh cut and became one with the comb.

I'd CAP That

Looks like Adam has graduated from the beanie to the big boy baseball cap! And as it turns out, this boy is quite the ladies man.

Shag Swag

Even though Bieber's shagtastic days are gone, Adam's bringing it back! Just try to keep it out of mullet territory... 

Which Torres hairstyle is your fave?? Let us know below!