Interview with Annie Clark (Fiona on Degrassi)

Posted on Mar 16, 2012 by Lisa

I met up with Annie when she was in L.A., and we talked about tonight's episode, what it's like to play Fiona, and her everlasting love for Leonardo DiCaprio. Check it out:

Ooh, I like your fingernails! (here's a pic)
Thanks! I just got a manicure a week ago, but I kind of started picking at it.

Annie Clark (Fiona)So, I loooove Fiona. She's had some pretty crazy storylines, but I feel like you just make them all so believable and so good. One of my favorite Fiona moments was when she was drinking on the fire escape. She's in such bad shape, and she's freeing the cat, and she just has no connection to reality anymore because she's so sad -- I felt like that scene was so believable in such a heartbreaking way.
She's been through so much. If you think back to the very beginning when Fiona's biggest storyline was that she couldn't sing well for the musical, it's like, my god, what has happened to this girl in just a few years?

And she has so much more drama coming this season! Even from that party on the first day of school...
She's still struggling with the whole drinking thing. That's one of my favorite things that the writers did with my storyline, because it wasn't just like "oh, for these four episodes, she's going to have a drinking problem." It's something she's been struggling with for like two seasons. It's consistent.

The whole thing she goes through with Marisol and Katie is such a reminder of how horrible girls can be to each other.
Yeah, it was cool being a part of that storyline. I haven't had that many storylines that I actually relate to, because Fiona's life is so crazy, but that one... I totally went through that in middle school and high school.

I feel like I'm talking to you like a fan, like I'm way too excited for a normal interview.
I'm the best person to talk to like a fan, because I am the biggest Degrassi fan ever! I have all the older seasons. I watched it SO MUCH before I even got on the show.

So in tonight's episode, she's working on the project with Imogen, and she's trying not to have a crush on her. Do you have any experience with fighting crushy feelings, like trying to convince your heart not to feel something?
I tend to have crushes really easily, on so many people at one time, so I don't think I've ever really done that.

You just go with it? I think that's healthier!
I just couldn't imagine... Fiona likes her so much, and she wants to hook up Eli and Imogen to cover it up? I could never do that. If I liked someone that much, I would NEVER want someone else to be with them.

I guess she just wanted to avoid going down the same road she went down with Holly J.

Annie Clark (Fiona)People do such crazy things for love! Has anybody done anything crazy to impress you?
I was in a relationship for three years and two of the years were long distance. My boyfriend at the time came from two hours away and surprised me. He had told me repeatedly that he wasn't coming home yet, and we were talking on the phone, and he was telling me about his day as if he was in his dorm room, and I started to hear his voice through my other ear, because he was right there coming up my stairs!

Oh, that's great! Are you good with surprises?
I love surprises! It was the best.

So you get crushes on everyone? Do you ever get crushes on your friends... guys that you're friends with? Would you tell them?
It depends. I don't know. I had a high school sweetheart like, the whole time I was in school, but I still get celebrity crushes all the time.

Ooh, who are your celebrity crushes?
Everyone who has ever known me knows how obsessed I am with Leonardo DiCaprio. I feel like he doesn't even really exist, like if I ever saw him actually in person, I don't even know what I would do.

I love that he's an environmentalist! It's like how you guys go and help build schools... I love when people use their celebrity to draw the world's attention to something great.
It seems like a waste of a platform if you don't support anything.

So... Who else do you like?
Shia LeBeouf, Ryan Gosling... but Leo's my be-all and end-all. He's my favorite actor. He's the only person who takes my breath away. He's like the reason I want to be famous (*laughs*), so I can be at some party with him someday... And then Kate Winslet is my favorite actress, because Titanic is my favorite movie. I feel like I talk about Leo in every interview.

So, what's your favorite thing about playing Fiona?
Probably just how crazy and unlike myself she is. I mean there are aspects that are similar, like I'm really into fashion, too, but not in the same way. It's interesting exploring the character, there's always something new.

I don't think my parents would ever just buy me my own loft. I love the loft, because everyone likes to go hang out in there when we're on set, and that's totally how I would decorate my place. My room at home is freakishly similar to Fiona's bedroom.

And I'm just excited to see what's going to happen in season 12. I know that seems like a long way away, but I can't even believe I've been on the show this long!

Munro told me he was so glad that you didn't graduate, and I was like "me too!"
Yes! That's the only circumstance where you tell people you're failing and they're like "Congratulations!" We also joke that like, if you get a problem on the show, it's like "Congratulations, you're going to have so many storylines!" Like, you want to get an STI or something.

Haha. So what else is going on with you? What are you excited about outside of Degrassi?
I'm excited to be getting my driver's license! I got my learner's permit when I was like 16, and I just put driving school and everything off for so long... I'm 19 now and all my friends have their license, and they make fun of me constantly. But I live right downtown, I've always lived on the subway line so I never really needed it, but now I want it, so I'm in driving school. So that's the big thing for me just now, I'm hoping to get it by the spring.

The straw that broke the camel's back of me getting my license, after putting it off for three years, was that Jordy got her license. She's so cute and little and young, and she's offering me rides!

Well, good luck!! Thank you so much for talking to me!
Thank you!

Annie Clark (Fiona on Degrassi)