Sav and Holly J's advice for freshmen

Posted on Aug 23, 2010 by Mary

Charlotte Arnold from Degrassi A bit ago I asked Ray Ablack and Charlotte Arnold (Sav and Holly J) some of your questions. Here's one for all the incoming freshmen out there. And really, it works for everyone in high school; it's never too late to take this advice:

I'm going to high school this year. So yes, freshman. Do you have any advice? - atlroxsox2

Ray: Enjoy it.

Charlotte: NOTHING is as important as it seems. Nothing that you ever experience in high school -- I mean the good times, yes. The friends you make. But the insecurity, the worrying about what other people think about you -- everybody is feeling the exact same way, and once you leave high school you'll be able to leave all of it behind and become whatever person you want to be. So use this time to like...

Ray Ablack from Degrassi Ray: Enjoy it!

Charlotte: Enjoy it! Oh man, high school's so much fun.

Ray: I would redo it again if I could, would you?

Charlotte: I would absolutely redo high school if I could.

Me: Redo it differently, or just for fun?

Ray: I would redo it differently so that I could amp things up more.

Charlotte: Yeah! Like I wouldn't be as afraid to try new things, to make new friends, to go to that party where you're like "Do I know anybody there?" Yeah.