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  • Degrassi Recap: 'There's Your Trouble'

    Posted on 11/26/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Last night on Degrassi, Zo� tried to maintain control over the Power Cheer squad, Eli grappled with whether or not he could be with Clare, and Becky looked for an excuse to not visit her brother in juvie. If you haven't seen "There's Your Trouble" yet, watch it online, read our juicy play-by-play recap and join the conversation!

    Degrassi: There's Your Trouble

    As captain of Power Cheer, Zo� was determined to crush the competition. She took it upon herself to buy expensive new equipment with the #oomfCHAT money claiming that, if they wanted to win, they had to train hard.

    Degrassi: There's Your Trouble

    "But that money was spoken for," Frankie pointed out. Zo�'s shopping spree meant that the team would have to continue sending nudes to make up for the money spent. Ugh. And seeing as Frankie already had some major problems with the scheme, Zo� was in deep water.

    Degrassi: There's Your Trouble

    So, she returned to her once-adoring squad bearing gifts and an apology for misusing the team's funds. She begged for their forgiveness because, after all, all she ever wanted was to be the captain of an awesome cheer squad and help undo some of the ugliness from her past...

    Like clockwork, the team bought it.

    Zo� once again had the team wrapped around her finger, and when they found out that Frankie hadn't been sending her fair share of #oomfCHATs, Zo� gave her an ultimatum: "You need to do your part, or you're no longer welcome on this squad," she said.

    Degrassi: There's Your Trouble

    "I guess I quit," Frankie tearfully replied.

    Degrassi: There's Your Trouble

    Becky wasn't ready to visit her brother in juvenile detention, so she decided auditioning for a band would be the perfect excuse. Jonah, the guy-liner-wearing, punk-rock-playing leader of the band seemed like Becky's total opposite, but Becky was determined to keep busy. And despite being out of her comfort zone, she warmed up her pipes and went for it anyway.

    Degrassi: There's Your Trouble

    Unfortunately, Jonah made it clear that "blond and bubbly" wasn't exactly what Prodigal Spoon was looking for. Becky had botched the audition, and the poor girl was mortified.

    Degrassi: There's Your Trouble

    As she walked out of the audition, Becky spilled her backpack. And without her realizing, Jonah picked up a letter that her brother Luke had written from prison. Jonah approached Becky about the letter and, after quoting a Bible verse about forgiveness, Becky realized that they may have more in common than she thought.

    Oooh. Twist!

    Degrassi: There's Your Trouble

    Perhaps at the suggestion of Jonah, Becky decided to visit Luke after all. But as they talked, she quickly realized just how much damage her brother had done and how, in a lot of ways, it felt irreversible. "My life sucks now," she said. "And it's all your fault."

    Degrassi: There's Your Trouble

    Back at Degrassi, Becky ran into Jonah again. Turns out, her audition made a lasting impression on him. She had something "undeniable," he said, and suggested they team up.

    So... Becky made the band and a new friend? Are things finally looking up?

    Degrassi: There's Your Trouble

    Eli had to decide whether or not he could have a relationship with Clare while Drew, her baby's father, was in the picture. He made an effort to spend time with Clare, but Drew kept getting in the way. Exhibit A: When he dropped by Degrassi to see Clare, she was already talking to Drew. Exhibit B: When he planned a sushi date by the picnic tables, Drew barreled in, playing the father card.

    Degrassi: There's Your Trouble

    Eli's frustration finally erupted when he punched Drew in the jaw. (I KNOW, RIGHT?! Holy moly.) The whole pregnancy situation felt inescapable (because it was...) and Eli's anger turned physical.

    Degrassi: There's Your Trouble

    But after he fist-to-faced it with Drew, Eli soon realized that it wasn't Drew who was at fault; it was Clare. She was the one who had gotten them into this mess, and he still wasn't sure they could get out.

    Oy. *moment of silence for the fate of EClare*


    Was Frankie right to quit the Power Cheer squad? Will Zo� see the flaws in her plan? Will Becky find an unlikely friend in Jonah? Are EClare really strong enough to make it through this pregnancy? Tell us now, tell us true.


  • Degrassi Recap: 'Can't Stop This Thing We Started'

    Posted on 11/19/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Are you there, Degrassians? Your loyal stewards of all things capital-D Dramatic, here. There is much to discuss from last night's episode, so if you haven't seen "Can't Stop This Thing We Started" check it out online before reading our recap below!

    Degrassi: Can't Stop This Thing We Started

    Winston started feeling left out by Miles ever since Tristan came into the picture, so he decided to demand some quality time with his best-bro over an epic video game battle.

    Degrassi: Can't Stop This Thing We Started

    But when Tristan crashed their bro-date, Winston kinda flipped out: "Everything was so much better before you got here," he said. And Tristan was like, "Wha???"

    Degrassi: Can't Stop This Thing We Started

    So Miles had to address the situation: He thought Chewy was being a little bit of a jerk, but he understood why he was acting out. Miles' new relationship was confusing to Chewy, and even though Chewy still had some questions about what it all meant, Miles made it clear that no one was going to replace his best friend.

    Degrassi: Can't Stop This Thing We Started

    Over in the rubber room, Zig lost an arm-wrestle challenge to Grace. He was swiftly humiliated and Tiny happened capture the whole thing on film, looping it into eternity as a GIF.

    Goodbye, manhood!

    Degrassi: Can't Stop This Thing We Started

    So Zig and the gang got some poutine (a seriously delicious Canadian dish made with french, gravy and cheese curds) and brainstormed his redemption. Grace challenged Zig to get a home tattoo and, lest his masculinity be compromised, Zig agreed. (Seriously, when will it not be a big deal for a girl to whoop a guy's tush?!)

    Degrassi: Can't Stop This Thing We Started

    But just as Grace was about to place the needle on his skin, everyone realized that it was a pretty awful idea. Turns out, Grace just wanted Zig to have the guts to say it himself. (And thank goodness he did, because we all know Grace had no idea what she was doing!)

    Degrassi: Can't Stop This Thing We Started

    Clare was nervous to tell Eli about her pregnancy since he seemed optimistic about their future together. She wasn't sure how he'd react to the news, so she had to find the perfect words.

    Degrassi: Can't Stop This Thing We Started

    But then Drew's mom found out about Clare's situation with her son. Clare began to feel overwhelmed when the moms started planning her baby's life for her. She was convinced that her pregnancy wasn't going to drastically change her future plans � she believed that going to school and being with Eli was still possible � but she soon realized her world was going to turn upside down.

    Degrassi: Can't Stop This Thing We Started

    Clare finally told Eli (awkwardly, in front of Drew� and Dallas� and Alli) and it didn't go quite as swimmingly as she would have hoped. When Eli realized that not only was Clare pregnant, but that it was Drew's baby, he was dumbfounded. "Everything has changed," he said, and he tearfully rejected her before walking away.


    Do you think Eli will be able to forgive Clare? Is Clare being a little na�ve about how her the pregnancy will affect her relationships? What about Miles and Chewy? Can their friendship withstand the challenges of a significant other? You know we want to hear from you, so sound off in the comments!


  • Degrassi Recap: 'Wise Up'

    Posted on 11/05/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    It's week two in a brand new season of Degrassi and we have a lot to discuss! During the Season Premiere, we learned that Clare decided to keep the baby, #Triles got caught in the middle of Hollingsworth family drama and Zo�, well, Zo�d her way onto the Power Cheer squad. What's up this week? If you haven't seen "Wise Up" yet, watch it online before reading our recap below!

    Degrassi: Wise Up

    After Miles went on-record to call his father a homophobe, Mr. H decided to take Miles golfing to presumably work things out. It turns out, however, that Mr. H was just trying to stage a reconciliation to show the papers that he was once again on good terms with his son. When Miles realized what was going on, he ran off frustrated and disappointed.

    Degrassi: Wise Up

    Back at the Hollingsworth house, Miles and his dad got into another heated argument. But this time, Mr. H. shoved Miles into a wall.

    Degrassi: Wise Up

    And realizing that his behavior was not OK, that his unacceptable actions had turned into physical abuse, he bribed Miles with a new car.


    Degrassi: Wise Up

    Back at Degrassi, Tristan thought that Miles was just using him to anger his dad. Miles was unwilling to jeopardize another relationship in his life, so he made a peace offering to Tristan, which included a dinner invitation and a ride in his new car.

    Apology accepted... but are there some bigger issues at play? We can't ignore what happened between Miles and his dad.

    Degrassi: Wise Up

    After learning that Clare planned to keep her baby, Drew was totally distraught over his uncertain future. He tried to talk Clare out of going through with the pregnancy, citing his immaturity as a major reason it probably wasn't a good idea for them to have a baby together. But Clare, headstrong in her ways, just said she didn't need Drew to be involved.

    And unsurprisingly, Drew thought he was off the hook.

    Degrassi: Wise Up

    Dallas, being a teen father himself, gave Drew some tough love about what it actually meant to be off the hook: By letting Clare raise the baby alone, he would still be a father� just a lousy one. Drew felt caught between warring opinions and a desire to do the right thing, but also didn't want to turn his life upside down. So he tried to lean on his girlfriend Becky for support.

    Degrassi: Wise Up

    But considering how the whole ordeal had put her in a very difficult situation, Becky decided she couldn't help him clean up his mess.

    Degrassi: Wise Up

    Zo� discovered several #oomfCHAT pictures of nude Niners on Zig's phone and was not pleased that Zig was so casual about the dismaying and troubling messages. Since they weren't officially dating, Zig didn't seem to see the problem. But just when Grace had knocked some sense into him and convinced him to delete the app, he got one of the very same oomfCHATs from Zo�. Ugh, twist.

    Degrassi: Wise Up

    Zig tried to tell Zo� she didn't need to send him compromising pictures, but Zo� took it personally and accused Zig of judging her. After everything that happened with the sexual assault trial, Zo� wanted to make it clear that she didn't need to be sheltered. She didn't need Zig telling her what to do with her body.

    Degrassi: Wise Up

    And even a grand (shirtless) apology couldn't change her mind.


    Things are rumbling at Degrassi. What say you, dedicated fans? Are Zig and Zo� over before they ever really started? Is Zo� asserting her strength and independence in the right way? Has Miles really forgiven his Dad for what he did? Will Drew be able to step up to the plate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

    If you or a friend is confronting a situation similar to Miles, Joyful Heart Foundation has resources and links to other organizations that may be helpful. As always, please remember you are not alone.


  • Six Things You Need To Know For The New Season Of Degrassi

    Posted on 10/21/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Here we go, Degrassians. A new season is fast approaching (coughONEWEEKcough), and we can hardly contain our hopes, dreams and predictions for our favorite group of high-drama high schoolers. We know it's been a while since you've walked the hallowed blue and yellow halls, so while you're catching up on the latest full episodes (we repeat: FULL EPISODES!) from last season, here are six things you need to need to know before an all-new Degrassi premieres on October 28th at 9pm ET.

    Ready... GO!


    Six Things You Need To Know

    Six Things You Need To Know

    Yeah, we all thought EClare were soul mates, too. Clare called it quits with her longtime love Eli so she could see where things would go with her Prez, Drew Torres. Little did she know...


    Six Things You Need To Know

    First, she had two boys. Now she has zero boys.


    Six Things You Need To Know

    And it turned out she may have some unfinished business with her ex-boyfriend, after all.


    Six Things You Need To Know

    The phone call that will live in infamy: "Everything looks A-OK for you and your baby." Yes, Clare is pregnant. And we know you've got a lot of questions.


    Six Things You Need To Know

    A steamy kiss while trapped in the boiler room began what we will heretofore call #Drecky. They've decided to take it slowly, but will they actually be able to get their feet off the ground?


    Jack and Imogen...

    Six Things You Need To Know

    Their mutual quirkiness seems like a match made in heaven. Nothing can stop them... we think.

    Alli and Dallas...

    Six Things You Need To Know

    #Bhandallas, if you will. Grade 12 and on top of the world. Their future is bright, right?


    Six Things You Need To Know

    Zig is trying to break away from the gang world. He wants to turn his life around once and for all.


    Six Things You Need To Know

    In case you didn't hear, Miles and Tristan got together. And it might be more than just a one-time thing. But based on Miles' track record, do you think it will last?

    We are SO excited for the new season of Degrassi! Are you ready?! Don't forget to catch up on all the latest episodes right here and tune in October 28th at 9pm ET for the season premiere!


  • Degrassi: "TV Room & Trivia"

    Posted on 02/26/2014 by TeenNickBlogger

    Fans of Degrassi? Then you're in the right place! Play our trivia game�powered by Beamly--and test your knowledge of all things Degrassi.


  • The Top Moments of Degrassi Season 13

    Posted on 12/31/2013 by Rachel1016

    Can you believe how much has already gone down during this season of Degrassi? Our resident Canadian drama kings and queens brought us a half-season chock full of jaw-dropping break-ups, heart-wrenching make-ups, and a few (a few) belly-aching laughs.

    We wracked our brains for the season's most memorable moments, so while you wait for a new chapter this January, take a look back at all of the crazy things that have happened so far!

    So long, 2013! THX 4 THE MMRS!

    Degrassi: Everything You've Done


  • Five Degrassi Moments That Prove Your Monday Could Have Been Worse

    Posted on 10/14/2013 by Rachel1016

    If you're down in the Monday dumps, we totally feel you. The long-awaited weekend whipped by faster than you could say "amazeballs" and the start of a new week is just a little too much, too soon. Sometimes though, it's all about perspective. Thanks to the misfortune of our favorite Degrassians, here are five ways your Monday probably could have been worse.

     1. You could have been the cause of an unfortunate chemical reaction.

    Degrassi: You Got Me

     2. Or gotten whacked in the head with an inflatable palm tree.

    Degrassi: You Got Me

    3. You could have been bribed by a sophomore with contraband sleeping pills.

    Degrassi: You Got Me

    4.  Or hallucinated during a slow dance.

    Degrassi: You Got Me

    5. And goodness gracious, you could have cannonballed into wading pool.

    Degrassi: You Got Me

    See? Your Monday wasn't so bad, now was it? Thanks for taking one for the team, Degrassi! (And if any of the above actually happened to you today, we sincerely apologize.)


  • The TeenNick Staff Predicts What Will Happen This Fall On Degrassi!

    Posted on 10/01/2013 by Rachel1016

    Over the past week, we've collected all of your expert thoughts via Twitter on this upcoming season of Degrassi. You've predicted (with expertise and precision, we might add) all of the unlikely friendships, surprise hookups, and potential freakouts that could be in store this fall! And although you guys are by far most qualified to make such projections, we decided to take a stab at our own Degrassi fall predictions. Yep, we're pretty proud of them :)


    He may have taken a back seat during all of the summer drama, but Winston is going to make an unforgettable entrance on his first day back at Degrassi.


    This year, Clare is the Vice President of the school, and with positions of power come certain stipulations. Walking to class has simply become too pedestrian! (Pun absolutely intended.)


    After being dumped by both Maya and Zoe, Miles will travel back in time to ask Clarissa for advice on his love life. Her wisdom of the '90s and straight talking will be exactly what he needs.


    She's ready to shed her good girl image and chop off those blonde locks. Thankfully, this is as far as it will go.


    He said he needed a little extra tutoring in Spanish. She said, "Come on! V�monos!"

    So, what do you think? These predictions are pretty spot-on, right? Okay, maybe we let our imaginations run a little too wild, but that doesn't mean we won't be following our favorite Degrassians' every move this Thursday at 9PM ET! Right here on TeenNick is the place to be. And don't forget, we'll be marathoning the summer chapter all week so you can catch up before the premiere!
  • Come To Our Degrassi Premiere Twitter Party!

    Posted on 09/30/2013 by Rachel1016

    Degrassians, the Fall Chapter premiere is right around the corner, and we're counting down the days, hours, and minutes until October 3rd at 9PM ET! We had so much fun kicking off the summer chapter with a little shindig in the Twittersphere that we decided to bring it back for round two. Loyal Degrassi fans, consider this your formal invitation to our Degrassi Twitter Party!

    It all starts during the brand new episode next Thursday at 9PM ET where we'll be live tweeting the on-screen shenanigans, as well as giving away some amazing Degrassi swag. All you have to do is tweet using #DegrassiParty during the premiere for a chance to win signed scripts, CDs, hoodies, and more goodies straight from set! Talk about party favors. Check out the official rules here.

    Starting next week, we'll have some great content coming your way to get pumped for the party (and the premiere)! Mark your calendars for October 3rd at 9PM ET!

  • Degrassi Recap: 'Cannonball'

    Posted on 08/09/2013 by Rachel1016

    Loyal Degrassians, did you tune in to last night's all new episode? "Cannonball" overflowed with OMG moments and, by the end, the drama came to a screeching halt. Literally. If you missed out last night, watch the full episode online because, yep, you guessed it, we've got spoilers below!

    Maya was really worried that Tristan wandered off into Paris alone after their falling out, so she enlisted Winston to help her find him. Miles looked pretty bummed, though, when Maya brisked right by him. I think maybe, just maybe, he actually wanted to help her (read: he definitely did). Winston didn't turn out to be much help, and he couldn't deal with Maya's "girl tears," so Maya eventually decided she needed Miles' expertise. And with his help, she found Tristan in no time. I think Miles scored a few points this episode with this act of kindness, and dare I say there was a total Mayales moment under the umbrella? I saw it. You saw it. We all saw it. Finally, Maya and Tristan made up and, for the 23127836182736th time, vowed to not let a boy come between their friendship. But it remains to be seen what will happen between Maya and Miles! Bets, anyone?

    Recently single and still getting over her relationship-ending conversation with Connor, Jenna was looking for a girls' night with her pal, Alli. But Alli didn't want to cancel her plans with Leo, and tried to turn her quality time with Jenna into a double date with Leo's very, very available friend. After a few too many attempts by the flirty stranger to hand feed Jenna, she got up and left. *Sigh* It seems like Alli's always getting herself into situations like this, where she goes against her better judgment, upsets a friend, and has to troubleshoot her way out of it. But alas, troubleshoot she did and she got Connor and Jenna to sit down and work out their issues. Thankfully, they were able to have a mature conversation about sex and then make out. I mean make up. They made up. And then they made out.

    On the flipside, Becky and Adam are not doing well. Becky returned the apology roses that Adam sent her and cut them up, leaving nothing but pieces of stems and petals. Dallas suggested that Adam rebound with Imogen, and even though Adam initially resisted, he somehow found himself in the back of a van with shirtless Imogen, who challenged him to a, well, tongue wrestling match. (WHY, Adam, WHY?????) Devastated about his less-than-stellar choices, Adam rushed out of the campground to reconcile with Becky. And in a flurry to get in touch with her, he started texting while driving...which triggered the moment that might shatter the world of Degrassi forever. Crash.

    What did you all think of this episode? We're still recovering from that ending! The stakes are high for next week, so hold tight and let us know your thoughts in the comments!