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  • Style 101 With Cristine Prosperi: My Favorite Makeup Product!

    Posted on 12/03/2013 by Cristine Prosperi

    Style 101 With Cristine Prosperi

    Photo Credit: Cristine Prosperi's Instagram / @crisprosperi.

    What's your go-to makeup product?

    I don't wear a lot of makeup, but when I do my fav product is a great concealer, which I mostly use under my eyes. Sometimes, a lack of sleep or even just stress can really enhance those under-eye bags. Using concealer just brightens up your whole makeup look!

    You can also use concealer to contour your face, but don't forget to blend it in! Whether you need to brighten under-eye circles or cover redness and blemishes, it always does the trick. Annie Clark (a.k.a Fiona Coyne) actually passed this tip along to me. I never go anywhere without bringing it! It's a life saver.

  • 10 Tips For The Perfect Thanksgiving

    Posted on 11/26/2013 by Rachel1016

    So, you've mastered the art of turkey trimmings, prepared your bellies for a river of cranberry sauce (if you're into that sorta thing), perfected your green bean casserole down to every last crispy friend onion, and... probably made the wise choice to leave all of the cooking to Mom.

    Nonetheless, we rounded up a few really important, relevant and practical tips to help make your Turkey Day the best it can be. In the spirit of ThanksGIFFing (LOL had to), it's the least we could do.

    First, it's important to make sure you have the correct holiday.

    Ten For Rules For A Perfect Thanksgiffing

    It's also good to understand subtle nuances of the Thanksgiving turkey tradition.

    Ten For Rules For A Perfect Thanksgiffing

    You know, like the part where it's cooked.

    Ten For Rules For A Perfect Thanksgiffing

    In the unlikely event that a pair of Pilgrims appear in your kitchen, don't be alarmed.

    Ten For Rules For A Perfect Thanksgiffing

    And if they pose a threat, turkeys can double as boxing gloves.

    Ten For Rules For A Perfect Thanksgiffing

    If you find yourself getting hungry, the Thanksgiving Parade is a favorite pastime.

    Ten For Rules For A Perfect Thanksgiffing

    And if your relatives would rather watch football...

    Boom. Genius.

    Ten For Rules For A Perfect Thanksgiffing

    It's also accepted practice to share the turkey with family members.

    Ten For Rules For A Perfect Thanksgiffing

    That is, if you can manage to keep all family members conscious.

    Ten For Rules For A Perfect Thanksgiffing

    But remember, above all else, give thanks to those you love.

    Ten For Rules For A Perfect Thanksgiffing

  • Style 101 With Cristine Prosperi: All About Accessories!

    Posted on 11/25/2013 by Cristine Prosperi

    All About Accessories

    How many pieces of jewelry do you wear for different occasions? If you go all-out with your earrings, do you scale it back in other areas?

    Great question. I used to go all out with jewelry... Lots of bracelets was definitely my thing. However, as I've gotten older I've learned that simplicity is key. I think if I'm going to wear a lot of jewelry with an outfit it'll be thinner/smaller pieces. I wish I would experiment more with necklaces or earrings, but I hardly wear either.

    A lot people look at jewelry as a second thought, but it should always be important. I think if you're going for a more casual look, a few thin bracelets mixed with small rings is cool and trendy. However going out to an occasion is when you can bring out a chunkier piece.

  • Degrassi Recap: 'Spiderwebs'

    Posted on 11/22/2013 by Rachel1016

    Well, well, well. Here we are mid-November, readying ourselves for the willful indulgence of Turkey Day. For Degrassians, however, Thanksgiving came one week early. We celebrated both the holiday and the fall finale all in one night, gorging on green bean casserole and mashed potatoes heavily dressed in drama. If you haven't seen "Spiderwebs," watch it online, then check out our recap below!

    Degrassi: Spiderwebs

    Awaiting Bianca's return from University, Drew busily planned the Degrassi Family Feast, a Thanksgiving dinner for needy families. He was excited to show Bianca all of his hard work, but when he found out that she had already returned home without telling him, it appeared that Drew was in danger of being "Turkey Dumped." According to Winston, Bianca's elusiveness was symptomatic of the particular holiday dumping style in which a significant other goes off to University (or you know, "college" for us Americans) and returns for Thanksgiving break with plans to end the relationship. Woof.

    Degrassi: Spiderwebs

    Upon hearing this information, Drew decided he had to see Bianca. When they reunited, she confessed in so many words that she was growing out of their relationship; University opened her mind, and she revealed that her friends at school thought their engagement was "crazy." Drew tried to make her see that their relationships was worth salvaging, but her mind was made up. Blergh, Happy Thanksgiving.

    However, Drew quickly turned his broken heart into a full-on quest to prove to Bianca that he's changed. He convinced Bianca to come to the Family Feast and pretend that they were still together by exploiting his mom's fragility. He said to her, "My mom already lost a son, she couldn't stand losing a daughter." He hoped that in the meantime she would see him in his element and change her mind.

    Bianca agreed to put on the act, but she made it clear she was only acting.

    Degrassi: Spiderwebs

    Last week, Zoe covertly enlisted Tristan to become a part of her sketch comedy group and, you'll remember, the whole thing had to remain a secret because Maya and Zoe were still sworn enemies. But when Tristan said he felt like he was friendship cheating, Zoe cut to the chase: "Time to pick a side, Tristy."

    It actually didn't take too long for Tristan to tell Maya the truth about his commitment to Zoe, and Maya surprisingly understood! ...For a flaming hot second! In one last dangling attempt to secure revenge, Maya showed up at the Family Feast to get Tristan to pie Zoe in the face on stage.

    Degrassi: Spiderwebs

    But then things got real: Tristan fired back and said to Maya that both she and Zoe cared more about revenge than being his friend. It was true, Tristan was caught in the middle of their vendetta. He insisted a truce and, perhaps in the spirit of the holiday, they shook on it. Two chapters worth of scheming and hostility? I'd say it's about time!

    Degrassi: Spiderwebs

    After finding out the news about Eli cheating, Clare began the episode sulking in her pajamas (but like, rightfully so) and insisted that her relationship with Eli was over forever. Alli came over to try to talk some sense into her, and was determined to get Clare out of her mope robe and into clearer head space. (LOL isn't it interesting how Alli has all the answers about boys when she's not the subject?) Eventually, Clare decided to talk to Eli and get some answers.

    Degrassi: Spiderwebs

    The more questions Clare asked, however, the more upset she got. It was one of those situations where she couldn't not know, but that didn't mean it was any easier to stomach. She told Eli about how she screwed up her magazine deal, which all but ruined her chances of getting into Columbia and being in New York with him. It seemed like, as if the relationship wasn't already hurting, perhaps it really was on its last leg.

    Degrassi: Spiderwebs

    At the Family Feast, Drew found Clare crying alone. Both heartbroken, they commiserated over the fact that their relationships with the supposed loves of their life were crumbling beneath them. Since over the course of the last two chapters Clare and Drew have grown much closer, their leaning on each other seemed right. Seemed natural. But then, in a moment of equal parts pure emotion and complete delusion, they kissed.

    Degrassi: Spiderwebs

    Of course, after Clare realized how royally stupid it was, Eli showed up at the Family Feast to try and reconcile. He gave Clare a collection of their emails since they had been apart, and Clare realized how much he really meant to her. Drew, however, decided that ultimately he and Bianca should stay broken up.

    The rest of the kids convened around the Degrassi Thanksgiving table, and the fall finale came to a close as Drew proposed a toast to carrying on through the tough times. But we all know there are things unresolved. And Degrassi never forgets.

    Let's hear your thoughts in the comments section! We've got some time to kill until January!

  • Degrassi Chapter Finale Sneak Peek: 'Spiderwebs'

    Posted on 11/19/2013 by Rachel1016

    Degrassi Sneak Peek: Spiderwebs

    Wait, didn't summer just end?

    Okay okay, maybe we've been delighting in pumpkin spice lattes, burying ourselves in layers, and indulging other fall cliches for a minute now, but that doesn't diminish our disbelief (and sadness) that the Degrassi Fall Finale is just around the corner!

    In this sneak peek, Drew shows off his presidential skills by organizing a Thanksgiving dinner for needy families. He's so excited to show Bianca all of his hard work when she returns for the holiday, but he finds out that, well, she's been keeping secrets. Will Drianca's fate be tested this week?

    Check out the first look of "Spiderwebs" below! Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and don't forget Degrassi Fall Finale premieres this Thursday at 9PM ET!

  • Style 101 With Cristine Prosperi: The Natural Makeup Look

    Posted on 11/19/2013 by Cristine Prosperi

    Fall In Love With Fall Fashion

    What are some subtle ways to wear makeup without having it caked all over my face? I just want a little something.

    I feel you, girl! Makeup is such a tricky thing to master and I am NO professional. I don't like wearing that much makeup because I wear so much when we film Degrassi! Usually my daily routine consists of a little bit of blush, filling in my eyebrows, and if I'm feeling adventurous that day, mascara will make the line-up.

    Sometimes I even skip all of that! A hint of tinted moisturizer and a pop of lip colour can do the trick! I've been wearing no makeup lately with a deep purple lip. So effortless but still so stylish! Remember ladies... less is MORE!

  • 2013 HALO Awards: Celebs Take Over The Orange Carpet GIF Booth!

    Posted on 11/18/2013 by Rachel1016

    Last night, you joined us for 2013 HALO Awards to honor four amazing teens who Help And Lead Others in their community (and if you didn't, you can relive the evening right now with our GIF highlights)! During the live show, we watched celebrities flip the script and present their idols, our honorees, with the accolades they so deeply deserve.

    But even if you were there for all of the on-stage action, there's a chance you might have missed the Orange Carpet antics before the show. And since we're your loyal stewards of all things behind-the-scenes, we got a few of our HALO celebs, like Austin Mahone, Darren Criss, and the Degrassi cast, to serve major face in our Orange Carpet GIF booth. Check out our faves below!

    HALO Awards 2013
    Austin Mahone

    HALO Awards 2013
    Darren Criss

    HALO Awards 2013
    Nikki Reed

    HALO Awards 2013
    Jessica Tyler, Lyle Lettau, & Mindy Shankar

    HALO Awards 2013
    Jennette McCurdy & Kevin Jonas

    Thank you for sharing this feel-good night with us! If you missed the live airing of the show, be sure to check out a special TeenNick encore Monday at 9pm ET!

  • Degrassi Recap: 'Black Or White'

    Posted on 11/15/2013 by Rachel1016

    Did you catch last night's episode of Degrassi? The dramacrobatics were in full force, and it's time to break down every last detail! In the wise words of Space Jam, y'all ready for this?! (But really, if you haven't caught up, watch the full episode of "Black or White" online [LINK] first before we spoil it for you!)

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing

    Drew was none to pleased when Winston aired a very edited version of an interview he conducted on DegrassiTV. In what turned out to be a televised lambaste, Winston accused Drew of being a non-starter president with no platform who was elected based on his looks. Ouch.

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing

    Suffice it to say, Drew was miffed. He decided to use executive power to nip Winston's condemnatory bud by firing him from Degrassi TV. But soon thereafter, both Imogen and Becky insisted that if Winston was ousted, they would quit DTV in solidarity. The situation quickly escalated into a full-on "Occupy Degrassi" movement wherein Drew was labeled a fascist who should be impeached.

    To make matters worse, when Drew tried to take control of the situation, he found out that Winston's unforgiving tirade was inspired by personal grievances. Winston revealed that it was "guys like Drew" who have picked on "guys like Winston" his entire life. The conversation quickly went from heated to violent, and the next thing we knew, Winston was on the ground.

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing

    Unsurprisingly, Drew began to worry that everyone (read: Bianca, his fianc�) would start to think he was same the screw-up he's always been. After seeking a little encouragement from Dallas, Drew was able to reconcile with Winston and the rest of DegrassiTV. He even proposed a Thanksgiving dinner for needy families instead of his original carnival idea. Winston was receptive, admitted that he may have misjudged Drew, and all things were copacetic once again.

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing

    For a drama class assignment, Mr. Townsend chose roles for each of students that he thought reflected their personality. Tristan hoped he would get exercise his acting chops with one of Shakespeare's great dramatic roles, like Hamlet or Macbeth. Much to his disappointment, though, he was left with Bottom, a comedic character from A Midsummer Night's Dream who turns into a Donkey. And to add insult to injury, when Mr. Townsend said, "I'm counting on you to deliver a flamboyant performance," Tristan felt he was being pigeonholed (and more to the point, stereotyped).

    Determined to prove himself as more than just a colorful jokester, Tristan used a healthy dose of creative freedom to re-interpret the role and perform the monologue very seriously (I mean, he was talking to a skull. How more serious can you get?). Unfortunately, Mr. Townsend wasn't too keen on Tristan's dramatic choices, and warned him that if he didn't stay true the comedic nature of the role, he would fail the assignment.

    Then, as Tristan was starting to feel like one big blergh, Zoe surprised all of us and actually had some words of wisdom for him! (And yes, we realize she does have a lot of experience in the field, but her helping someone out is always an unexpected occasion!) She told Tristan that even if he wanted to prove he could be a leading man, choosing to perform the piece different than the way it was written, merely proved he could do nothing. Touch�.

    Tristan ultimately decided to embrace the comedic role, to willingly (and literally LOL) make an ass of himself. Unsurprisingly, he killed it on stage. Zoe even she invited him to join a sketch comedy troupe she was starting. But *lodges wrench into premature celebration*when Tristan agreed, he deliberately dishonored his allegiance to Maya. Zoe said she could keep a secret, but yeah... we all know where this one's headed.

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing

    Clare was so excited for Eli's visit home from school, she planned romantic a night for them to watch a movie under the stars. But as Eli sat next to her, aloof and struggling to stay awake, it was clear that their night wasn't going as smoothly or as romantically as Clare had hoped it would. Eli seemed distracted, preoccupied even, and when he stepped away to take a phone call from New York, Clare found a pack of cigarettes in his coat pocket.

    Degrassi: Barely Breathing

    Clare was ready to confront Eli about the smokes, speculating that they had something to do with his being distant, but it turned out Eli had a secret much bigger than a newly-formed nicotine habit. As she stood there in her kitchen, she slowly pieced together the truth. Eli cheated.

    Well, Degrassi fans, it's safe to say that this episode introduced new matters that could change Degrassi forever. What were your reactions? Let us know in the comments!

  • 2013 HALO Honoree: Zachary Kerr

    Posted on 11/14/2013 by Rachel1016

    HALO 2013: Zachary Kerr

    Zachary Kerr is a female to male transgender. Born as one of three identical female triplets, Zach grew up knowing that what he felt on the inside didn't reflect what was on the outside. After years of grappling with his gender identity, Zach decided to undergo a transitional journey to become male. It was a journey rife with challenges and obstacles, but ultimately happiness, and inspired him to become a leading advocate for the transgender community. Zach gave us some exclusive insight into his involvement with the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) and other LGBT organizations, as well as all of the deets on his giveback experience with Josh Hutcherson!

    According to Zach, the Gay Straight Alliance caters to LGBT questioning youth, but is available or everybody. "Many GSA chapters have discussions to talk about what it's like to be LGBT not only in your own community, but in the US, world, and different areas of life." Zach explained that there are also GSA chapters that are activism based. For example, they partake in movements like Day of Silence, where participants take a vow of silence for the day in solidarity against LGBT bullying. When we asked him to describe the organization in a nutshell he said, "It's a rainbow! It comes in different varieties of shapes, colors, and awesomeness based on where you are."

    In addition to his involvement with GSA, Zach works as an LGBT educator for the Greater Boston chapter of Parents, Families, & Friends of Lesbians and Gays, or PFLAG for short. Zach brings his knowledge to various settings informing students, teachers, corporations, church groups, hospitals, and social workers about ways in which they can support LGBT youth. When speaking with these different groups of people, Zach uses his own personal story to give insight into the transgender community: "Growing up being transgender youth, being born biologically female but always feeling male, I use my story to give a face to the issue and make them see why it is important. This is a real thing that kids and people go through that affects them for their whole lives."

    TeenNick fans might remember Degrassi's Adam Torres, who was transgender. Adam's story resonated with fans, either helping them with their own transition or opening their eyes to the life of a transgender. When we asked Zach if he knew of Adam's story and to what extent he could relate, he said this: "When I first saw Adam's character, it was awesome to see kids like myself represented. One of the biggest things I identified with Adam's story was when Adam's mom called him his female name, stopped herself, and corrected herself. My mom did that, too. Things are different, but there were a lot of similarities."

    When we asked Zach what kind of advice he might have for questioning youth, he gave an answer wise beyond his years: "My biggest piece of advice would be to tell teens that if they're coming out, their friends are still their friends. [Your sexuality] isn't the defining thing that made them be your friend. It wasn't a deciding factor then and it doesn't have to be now."

    Zach met actor/LGBT ally Josh Hutcherson as a part of his HALO giveback, and it was an experience he remembers fondly: "I can't explain it without smiling how amazing it was meeting Josh, just getting to meet someone who identifies as a straight ally who is pretty much as passionate as I am. I never met someone who is not LGBT be so passionate about the community. I'm sitting in my dorm room smiling right now. He just wants to see our community do good, and he just kicked it up a level."

    Zach is currently a freshman at Wheelock College, pursuing a degree in social work with the hopes of one day becoming a therapist for transgender youth. "I'd like to be able to say, 'I know exactly how you feel.'"

    Don't miss Zach and the rest of the outstanding honorees at the 2013 HALO Awards on Nick@Nite this Sunday, November 17th at 8pm ET!

  • Style 101 With Cristine Prosperi: How To Splurge

    Posted on 11/11/2013 by Cristine Prosperi

    Degrassi: Everything You've Done

    Photo Credit: Cristine Prosperi's Instagram / @crisprosperi.

    If I can buy one higher priced item this year, what would you recommend I should get? Purse? Jeans? Shoes?

    This is such a great question. I love my purses so I would definitely recommend spoiling yourself with a great bag! Bags can last you for years and, if you pick the right one, never go out of style.

    I recommend a neutral color (black, nudes) when it comes to an expensive bag. That way you can wear it with any type of outfit. Also, if you pick the right bag, you can literally wear it all the time. So why not splurge on something you'll use everyday?!