Degrassi: The Death Card

Posted on Apr 17, 2011 by Mary

As we lead into the season finale for Degrassi: In Too Deep, I've seen some people mentioning the Death card that Clare pulled waaaay back when in the carnival promo. Which reminded me that I totally snuck into the "fortune teller's tent" on the set of that shoot and took this picture, which I never got a chance to share with you. So here it is!

Degrassi Carnival Promo - The Death Tarot Card

And while looking for it, I also stumbled on these pics of everyone messing around with the giant snakes that were on set that day.

Degrassi's Aislinn Paul, Munro Chambers, and some very large snakes
Degrassi's Aislinn Paul, Munro Chambers and some very large snakes

Degrassi's Charlotte Arnold, snake charmer
Degrassi's Charlotte Arnold, snake charmer.

Joe Pappalardo
TeenNick producer Joe P, rocking the snakes as they were intended to be rocked

Mary Chen
Me, rocking the snakes with invisible but very real enthusiasm, I swear to God.