How do you rate Drew and Alli as a couple?

Posted on Aug 21, 2010 by Mary

Drew and Alli's photobooth pics from Degrassi They're cute as a button in those photobooth pics, but do you think they can go the distance? Or is somebody about to get their heart broke?

How long do you think they'll last?

Assuming you don't think they'll get married and die in each other's arms at ripe old ages, who do you think would dump who and why?

Do you think Drew makes a good boyfriend?

Do you think Alli makes a good girlfriend?

What do you think their couple name is?

Who would you pair each of them with, if not with each other?

And do you think Drew had braces, or his teeth are just naturally like that?

You know, I heard that those are Melinda Shankar's real eyelashes. They are really, truly that long and thick. So amazing.

OK bye have a good weekend.

Oh wait, PS, if you want to save a copy of those photobooth pics, you can click on 'em for a larger version. Enjoy.