Degrassi Flashback: Miriam McDonald (Emma)

Posted on Jan 03, 2011 by Lisa

Emma!Join us as we revisit a classic IM-terview with Miriam McDonald from 2005, and "aww" at some old Emma pics.

Note from Mary: Just so you know, the reason Miriam calls me a gorilla at first is because my display name says "Gorilla." It wasn't, like, a diss about how hairy I am. I'm pretty sure.

-Miriam-: yoyo gorilla!!
The-Mary: hey Miriam!
-Miriam-: hiii wasssup?
The-Mary: hiiiiiiii! ok ok. So what did you shoot today? that you can tell us about, I guess
-Miriam-: umm okay without divulging any big secrets we did a hilllllarious scene in a movie theatre involving ryan cooley and a root beer!
The-Mary: oh dear. What's Emma up to these days?
-Miriam-: to be totally honest i don't really know what they have in store for Emma this season. She is constantly changing though so i'm sure there will be some spicy surprises!
The-Mary: SPICY!
-Miriam-: spicy is my word
The-Mary: so in today's scene... were you allowed to crack up for it, or did you have to keep a straight face?
-Miriam-: OMG i was laughing soo hard but luckily i was supposed to so it was all good!
The-Mary: which is harder: keeping a straight face when something's hilarious, or crying on cue?
-Miriam-: for me crying on cue is not too difficult because i am really good at staying focused on something emotional. Comedic scenes need a different, less intense sort of focus so it's easy to crack up!
-Miriam-: but then i just slap myself
The-Mary: ha, literally?
-Miriam-: quite literally! hahah i'm odd, i'll admit!
The-Mary: ok, we need on-set dirt: who smells the best out of the cast?
-Miriam-: oooooooooh ME!!!!!! honestly i'm obsessed with vanilla lotion! hhaahhaa but i'm not gonna build up my odour cuz that would be conceited..... so....... maybe aubrey!?
The-Mary: so, do you have a boyfriend?
-Miriam-: no, and i go through phases when i'm like okay i really want a boyfriend, but more often i love having independence so i am very happy to be single!
-Miriam-: for now
The-Mary: so when are you coming back to NY???
-Miriam-: SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and honestly i am more excited than life
The-Mary: you heart it?
-Miriam-: june 18 or sumthin for the season 2 DVD!
The-Mary: oh RAD!
-Miriam-: omg yes, i <3 NYC
The-Mary: where else on the planet do you want to go the most?
-Miriam-: hmmmm go or live.......Live is LA or NYC and go.......maybe Australia
-Miriam-: i want to try surfing sooo desparately
The-Mary: oh man... if you live in LA you'll be all set -- malibu miriam. totally.
-Miriam-: yayayayayay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pleaaaaase!!! that would be a dream
The-Mary: ok, more random questions: do Stefan and Amanda [Mr. Simpson and Emma's mom] ever give you advice, having "grown up" on Degrassi themselves?
-Miriam-: well amanda reminds me to turn my mic off when i go to bathroom, and stefan just jokes around all the time
-Miriam-: but they also teach us about their experiences with mall tours back in the day and how not to get bad press!
The-Mary: oh nice! that's very handy. lindsay lohan should have such friends.
-Miriam-: LOL should she ever!
-Miriam-: but at the same time if it weren't for her "bad press" we wouldn't hear about her all that much and she wouldn't be as huge as she is. so maybe she does have it right??
The-Mary: Good point!
The-Mary: ok, one more really weird question

-Miriam-: ask anything
The-Mary: have you ever met the person who played the baby emma on the original degrassi? or did they just use a doll? i forget.
The-Mary: i'm sorry, my mind is weird.

-Miriam-: nono she is real! and i have not met her but she does exist and i would love to meet her and have like, this emotional reunion type deal
The-Mary: that would be The Best.
The-Mary: OK, i think i've bugged you enough today...thanks SO much miriam, you're awesome
The-Mary: have a great day

-Miriam-: no problem!! see ya lata