Who's the fakest friend: Chantay or Jenna?

Posted on Apr 03, 2010 by Lisa

Chantay Jenna

"Chantay Black is the fakest friend!" - realluve's thread

Chantay gossips about pretty much everyone; she accuses Manny of being racist, she teams up with Darcy to keep Mia off the spirit squad, and then later be friends Mia when she starts becoming famous; she tells Leia to break up with Danny because she wants him for herself. Huffalump1 says, "Chantay is seriously backstabby and hypocritical."


"Jenna's such a fake friend!" - icegirl111's thread

Jenna flirts with K.C. after saying "Don't worry Clare-bear, I won't even look at him." OoBelle thinks Jenna's a backstabber who's been "trying to steal him since the moment she saw him."

Which of these girls would you LEAST want to be friends with?