Songs from Tonight's Degrassi and Gigantic

Posted on Mar 11, 2011 by Mary

Here you go! All of this week's Degrassi songs (including commentary from the music supervisors about why they chose those songs for those scenes -- all the quotes in italics) and Gigantic

Mark Boone music on TeenNick's Degrassi

"The Sky Is Breaking Up Jim" by Mark Boone
From the scene in Morty, when Eli cries.
Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
"This was one of those songs that we thought just might be crazy enough to work. The vocals, lyrics and structure are unlike anything we'd heard before, and it appeared on our radar only days before the scene was cut, without us searching for it or needing to look for it. The sky broke up for Eli, and it's as if the song was written for him."

"The Only Way" by Clare Burson
Clare walks in on Eli sitting alone in a classroom, looking bummed.
"Here we've established a creepy, uncertain, wavering mood, and it plays so well over Eli's morbid glances and Clare's wandering mind. The song delivers the exact emotion the actors are portraying."

"God Keep Our Hands Clean" by FemBots
From when Clare finds about a million emails from Fitz in her inbox.
"Degrassi barely ever talks about God, so when this scene came along, and with Fitz being so crazy and all, we were really happy to have known the FemBots. The song was perfect, but too perfect, so we didn't feature the obvious chorus. Go listen to it for yourself and you'll understand."

"Amazing" by The Red Directors
It's playing in the background at the Dot when Clare confronts Fitz.
"The pleasant tones of this song earned it a smooth background use here, but this story is really about this brand new, yet unknown band that deserves new fans such as you. Check them out."

"Daydreaming" by Dark Dark Dark
From when Sav and Mr. Bhandari drive around looking for Alli.
"One of the most emotional moments in season 10, the search for Alli in a torrential downpour, in a lonely, gloomy city. This entire episode is blooming cinematography, but this particular marriage of music to picture blew us away, and left us in gasps every time we watched it."

The Right Coast music on TeenNick's Gigantic

  1. "This Is Now" by The Right Coast, from their self-released EP.
  2. "Shadows of Tall Buildings" by Gabriel Mann
  3. "I'm on Top" by Kanary Diamonds
  4. and "Realize" by Sink to Sea
  5. You can hear samples of all four songs over on the Gigantic page.