Songs from Tonight's Degrassi and Gigantic

Posted on Mar 18, 2011 by Mary

Was that Alexz Johnson you heard on Degrassi this week? Why yes, it was. Here's info on all of this week's Gigantic and Degrassi songs (including Degrassi music supervisor commentary -- all the quotes in italics).

Amos the Transparent music on TeenNick's Degrassi

"Greater Than Consequence" by Amos the Transparent
From the scene where Holly J is starting to completely lose it at Little Miss Steaks.
Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
"This is a band you should get to know. Hailing from one of our hometowns, our capital Ottawa, these musicians form an emotional powerhouse, diving into the subject without fear or hesitation. If you're lucky enough to see them live, you may hear them rock this song out with electric guitars and a passionate chorus."

"Boogie Love" by Alexz Johnson
The song that plays pretty much whenever Wesley pogos.
" This song stands alone here, offering its fun perspective to Wesley and his tribulations. But Alexz Johnson's album Voodoo is a portrait of the artist, of which this fun part is a small piece. The rest is delicate and intricate, stories of places and people, and one of our most memorable albums of the summer. Of course, there's that whole Instant Star thing too!"

"A World Too Big" by Jamie Bramble
From the scene where Alli's looking at her "facerange" page, missing everyone.
"Jamie Bramble came to us via an Australian named Jamie Brammah (similar name, different guy). Jamie (Brammah) got up at 4am to drive to the office to chat about music, so we knew he had to have some good tunes. Jamie Bramble paints pictures with his music, and we think the phone call was worth it."

Official Hot Mess music on TeenNick's Gigantic

  • "The Edge" by Official Hot Mess
  • "Born to Party" by Julia Michaels
  • You can hear samples of these songs over on the Gigantic page.