Songs from Tonight's Degrassi and Gigantic

Posted on Apr 15, 2011 by Mary

Tons of great info on all of this week's Degrassi songs from their music supervisor! Check it out... (his quotes in italics).

Kopek music on TeenNick's Degrassi

"Sin City " by Kopek
From Eli's scene out in the abandoned church with Julia's picture.
Check the Degrassi page for a sample.
"This gritty rock track was begging for Eli to take out his shotgun. Another superb Eli moment, we're wondering what he's up to, and whether he really means to pull the trigger or not. 'Sin City' blows away all his reasoning, and we're left with the beast inside - and we're left wondering if Clare is next. "

"Amazing" by The Red Directors
From that first scene, as Eli goes to the bookstore to pick up his copy of Gothic Tales.
"The Red Directors had just started writing songs as a band when we found them. We had actually used this song in the background of episode 1038, and the editors and producers loved it so much they decided it was worth a superb feature use. The song's vibe and inspiration is perfect for Eli, his excitement, accomplishment, sheer joy! "

"This Kind of Love" by Latch Key Kid
The song Clare likes because it's "happy, like springtime."
"This musical moment went through some rigmarole, but in the end this song fit perfectly with what was happening. We are big fans of Latch Key Kid and we're really happy he's such a good fit with the show. Go back and listen to his track in the Degrassi Takes Manhattan special!"

"Heart of Gold" by You Say Party! We Say Die!
From the E-Clare "I think we need a breather" scene.
"We've been big fans of You Say Party! for a long while, then we realized their tracks would be perfect in the show, especially for such an emotional moment. The entire XXXX album (and the subsequent remixes) deserve to be heard - check out the whole album! "

Jonathan Clay music on TeenNick's Gigantic

  • "Get You Out" by Jonathan Clay
  • "Time to Wake Up" by Carly Patterson

You can hear samples of both songs over on the Gigantic page.