Music from Degrassi and Gigantic!

Posted on Oct 08, 2010 by Mary

OK. I'm trying to get as much music info as I can get from all the episodes for you guys... Here are all the music cues I could find from tonight's Degrassi and Gigantic premieres. Hope they're helpy if you're looking for a particular song!

Sadly I didn't have enough time to figure out which scene each song is in -- but you could let each other know in the comments if you figure one out!

And FYI, you can check out samples of featured songs from the episodes on the Degrassi and Gigantic show pages!

Official Hot Mess music on TeenNick's Gigantic
  • "Welcome to L.A." by Official Hot Mess
  • "C.L.U.B." by MNDR
  • "Someday" by Quanteisha Benjamin
Jesse Thomas music on TeenNick's Degrassi
  • "Independence" and "Dream Big" from our very own Jessica Tyler, aka Jenna.
  • "Dreams Dissolve" by Catherine McLellan
  • "Maybelline" by Zaac Pick
  • "Stay" by Jesse Thomas off her Heartbreaker EP (She's hard to search for but I def. saw this song in iTunes -- that's her pic on the left.)
  • "Girls Who Believe" by Meredith Shaw
  • "Happiness" by Jaylene Johnson
  • And since so many have asked... the song from the fall promo is "So Easy" by Gina Cutillo.