Degrassi Breakdown: "Heart Like Mine pt. 1"

Posted on Apr 09, 2010 by Mary

SPOILERS BELOW for those who haven't watched the episode yet, so skip this until you've seen it.

Everyone else, let's talk about Jenna behind her back:

1) Show of hands... do you think Jenna and K.C. make a better couple than Clare and K.C.? And what should we call them... Kenna? J.C.?

2) So, do you think Jenna stole K.C., or that he and Clare were going to break up anyway, or what? Where, if anywhere, do you think Jenna crossed the line?

3) And should Clare be more mad at K.C. or Jenna?

4) Dude. That coach creeps me out in the biggest possible way. What the hell.

5) Poor Marco. Would you be scared to teach a high school class? Or do you think it would be fun?

6) Hey Jenna. Your buttcrack's showing.