Posted on May 01, 2011 by Mary

This year... right now... May Day is Jay Day!

The day we randomly, for no particular reason -- other than that we saw #JayDay getting discussed by Degrassi fans (such as @DegrassiDaily and @HeatherPoulette) on Twitter a lot and we're as obsessed with Jay as anyone and come on, Mike Lobel is stupid hot -- talk a whole heck of a lot about Jay and how awesome he was/is and how much we LOVED the Degrassi Mini where his secret identity was revealed:

Before Fitz, or Owen, or even DiMarco... there was Jay.
Untrustworthy (at first)...
Kinda skeevy in a hot way...
Resourceful if not academically successful...
And frankly kind of a d-bag for a couple years there and did some messed up stuff that we have decided to pretend never happened because we like Mike Lobel...

And also because he was: Funny...
Occasionally responsible...
Good with cars...
A decent friend... sometimes... eventually...
And a big ol' softie when it came down to it.

Tell us in the comments, what do YOU love about Jay?

If you had to choose between Jay and waffles with ice cream, which would you choose?

How many Jays would it take to screw in a lightbulb?

If a Jay fell in the woods and there was no one there to hear, would he make out with me?

Remember that time I told Mike Lobel I loved him and he was cool about it because he's so nice?

What would you wear on your first date with Jay?

What's your favorite color shirt for Jay to wear?

Remember how saucy he was in the "On the Set" video from Degrassi Goes Hollywood?

How many times do you want to watch "Redemption Song" (the one where Jay goes to Bible camp) right now?

Is JayDay weirding you out? It's ok. You can just close your eyes and pretend it's not happening while the rest of us dance around the Jay fire in coveralls and practice our fancy British accents and our knowing smirks.

OH LOOK! Here are way too many pictures of Jay!

Jay Hogart and Emma Nelson, in nature
Jay Hogart and Emma Nelson, in nature.

Jay Hogart, about to melt the lockers with his hotness
Jay Hogart (or is that Mike Lobel?), about to melt the lockers with his hotness.

Mike Lobel and Cassie Steele, BFF
Mike Lobel, ruining a camera's life because it will never take a picture that hot again (left) and with BFF Cassie Steele (right).

Jay Hogart with Manny and Alex
Jay Hogart and his lucky leading ladies

Jay Hogart, Emma, Ellie, and the car.
Did we mention he's good with cars?

Jay Hogart alone, and with JT's body
Jay Hogart, in one of the most oft-cited "most intense moments" of Degrassi