Degrassi: Vote for the Most Bromantic Episode!

Posted on May 14, 2013 by Lisa

Vote for your favorite Degrassi bromance in this week's Facebook poll, and we'll put the winning episode online Friday. (This week's poll was suggested by @DegrassiDaily on Twitter.)

Degrassi has had some major bromances over the years, including:

J.T. and Toby
J.T. and Toby. Remember the episode (years before this picture was taken) when they bought their first condoms together? Vote for "Dressed in Black" if you want to see it again.

Jimmy and Spinner
Jimmy and Spinner. Several of our Twitter followers nominated Jimmy and Spinner episodes for this week's poll, so you've got a few to choose from -- the one where Jimmy takes Spinner's ADHD medication, the one where they compete in a dance contest, and the one where Jimmy forgives Spinner for his involvement in the shooting.

Eli and Jake
Eli and Jake. They started out as rivals, but ended up as bros. Isn't it amazing that they stayed friends after the short film fiasco in "Building a Mystery?"

Check out the full list of nominees and VOTE for the episode you want to see again on the Degrassi Facebook page. We'll post the winning episode online on Friday.